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Which country has the most asseritive, least submissive women?

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    Obviously, there are assertive, independant minded women in every country, but obviously there are diferently some more than others.

    As far as stereotypes go, women from Far Eastern countries are usually considered the most submissive in as much as they have a significantly reduced chance of better jobs in the work place and in a relationship are generally expected to just do what their husband/boyfriend tells them with limited say otherwise.

    So yes, which country would you say has the most assertive, independant minded women?
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    I hear Amazonian women are pretty bad ass. But the only evidence I have for that is Futurama, so don't quote me or anything.
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    The US?
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    The US, I think. Michelle Obama is fierce!
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    England. Maggie Thatcher mopped up the Argies
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    USA or Japan???
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    Iceland. They have a history of very powerful women.
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    (Original post by diskohuelga)
    The US, I think. Michelle Obama is fierce!
    How's she assertive?
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    Judging from my American friends and their stories of other Americans, definitely NOT the USA, no offense USA.
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    Ridiculous thread.
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    England. Maggie Thatcher mopped up the Argies
    Thatcher was a woman!!?? Mind = blown.
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    the women wear the pants in the house there
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    Russia. It seems all the bondage pornography i've watched has a lot of domineering, female Russians.

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    America, as many others have said. Quite simply, a lot of men over there are tired of their crappy attitudes and would rather seek foreign women to marry. Basically, a lot of the women over there think they're the ****, and they expect a lot. Too high maintenance. For those from middle class (and higher) families anyway.
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    The Russians


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Updated: December 24, 2009
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