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cheesy smell inbetween fingers

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    I worked at a warehouse packing for a bit over summer and my hands got in a bit of a state because of it, dry and cracked. Anyway, since then I kind of have a cheesy smell inbetween my fingers on both hands. I have moisturised and my hands arent bad anymore but I just cant get rid of it.

    What is it and what can i do?
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    Infection of some kind, go to the doc, he'll give you topical antibiotics
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    Esters. :coma:

    It could be an infection. GP shall reveal all.

    Good luck OP.
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    Fungal infection.

    Check yourself at a Clinic/GP.
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    Go to the doctor and start washing your knob.
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    you cant really see anything on my hands would there be visible symptoms if i had a fungal infection? is there over the counter cream that would work?
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    yeh fungal infection
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    (Original post by sandeep90)
    Go to the doctor and start washing your knob.
    im a girl. :snow::snow::snow::snow:.
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    Wash your hands with an alcohol gel. See if that helps.
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    I have two infected toe nails, they're both yellow and rather cheesy.
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    I suggest you should stop fisting your anus.
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    Probably infection, just go to see your GP.
    Are you sure you haven't glued your hand into a packet of wotsits :sogood:
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    sounds like a fungal infection or an allergy
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    jesus i had a genuine problem and some of you lot seem to think you're really funny with your immature jokes
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    (Original post by insanetothebrain)
    I suggest you should stop fisting your anus.
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    Was it a warehouse of CHEESE?!
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    Maybe it's just paranoia/in your head? :dontknow:
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    Wash your hands?


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