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The site being slow?

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    very slow for me
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    Hey everyone,

    This coming week we're approaching the final stages of our migration over to vBulletin 3.8 and should therefore expect a little slowness at times. Namely later in the day when our developers in Canada are performing various tests.
    This however should not make the site crash or render it inaccessible, nor should it give prolonged slowness.

    We do also have scheduled downtime for midnight Wednesday 15th for roughly 1.5 to 2.5 hours which will mean the site is out of action between that time. This is subject to change, but will let people know/update the announcement if this is the case.

    Thanks for your patience!
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    Been very slow in the past 15 mins.
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    (Original post by secretmessages)
    Seemed to be in read-only mode for a while there, I could browse but not post. Then it went down completely for a couple of minutes.
    It's been very slow for me quite recently.

    Although I find browsing TSR in firefox with noscript blocking seems to help a little... anyone else verify this?
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    I'm assumig everytime the databases/proxy's fail its coz of data migration?

    Why couldn't they do that during downtime :curious:
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    I've noticed the site to be much slower since it came back after the maintenance. Keeps timing out and pages take ages to load.
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    Hmmm since this morning normal service appears to have been resumed. Keeps any reports of slowness coming though
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    site is painfully slow for me at the moment, just trying to move between forums is bad enough let alone moving threads.
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    it's been slow since the start of the month for some reason, just TSR not other websites
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    I've jsut been experiencing some super slow loading and a few time outs.
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    its site is being very intermittent at the moment, one minute its working fine and at a usable speed then all of a sudden its like its slammed on the breaks!!! its making doing even simple things like navigation round the site difficult because it takes so long to load.
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    Mine is really slow tonight
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    Been bad for hours and hours now just being generally slow to load. Every other site seems fine.
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    Wow really bad tonight
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    Super slow here too, had a few "database" errors on top.

    Seems to be coming and going though, sometimes fine sometimes not.

    On firefox 3.6.10 this is.
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    (Original post by daniel_williams)
    I've jsut been experiencing some super slow loading and a few time outs.

    I'm on firefox 4.0b6
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    I'm sorry for all the slowness you've been experiencing over night. We hope the site back up to speed by around 10am or 11am this morning.

    We were doing some preparation for the major site updates we'll be doing soon. This required some of the main sites server power and so there was a chance some people will have been experiencing the site being slower than usual at times.

    As for the site update, I believe things are looking good and it should not be too long now before we are in a position to make the change - keep looking for announcements from us as to when it will be happening.
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    (Original post by daniel_williams)
    I've jsut been experiencing some super slow loading and a few time outs.

    Me too
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    Yes the site has been incredibly slow recently.
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    About 5 minutes of complete downtime just now (proxy errors, etc.).


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Updated: May 19, 2014
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