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The site being slow?

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    Just took a few mins to load the post report window, and has been hanging on and off all day.

    Get that sorted. Thanks. :p:
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    This site is always slow.
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    My FF keeps 'not responding' now as well.
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    The connection has timed out
    The server at is taking too long to respond.
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    Yeah, it was hella slow earlier. I even had to go on FIREFOX :nothing:
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    im on firefox. and its still running kinda slow. probably always does in exam time.
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    Thanks for reporting this. I've passed your comments on. Seems like it's taking time to pin-point where the problem actually is.

    But please do keep on reporting issues you have. Also, if the site ever looks strange or you see error messages, then screengrabs showing the problems/messages would help
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    It's kinda hit and miss what happens to a page. It loads properly most of the time, sometimes it decides mangling the page is a great idea (I assume because some elements aren't loading - screenshot next time) and sometimes it just goes for a coffee break and does nothing (i.e. times out).
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    So slow again :bawling:
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    this is ******* impossible to use
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    Aye we had the problems here again too. The dev guy who's monitoring this is currently in a call with guys here in the TSR office and will look at what his monitoring reports show after the call. Let's hope it shows something up
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    Its ok for now (probably jinxed it now though). By the looks of above posts its mod tools most affected?
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    Really slow for me atm and I just got this:

    "Proxy Error

    The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
    The proxy server could not handle the request POST /newreply.php.

    Reason: Document contains no data"

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    It's just gone really slow for me again. Some pages are timing out, others giving a proxy error, and everything taking ages to load.
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    so many proxy errors :sad:
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    Yarp, slow all over the shop.

    Luckily the arcade is loading fine....:ninja:
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    Same as. Page dies for a bout 5 seconds for me. Click re-load and back to normal pace...

    I believe Canada have found a spike and are looking into it though.
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    Being reeeeally slow again for me now. :turtle:
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    Just screwed up again
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    Snap. :emo:


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