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16-19 Bursary/EMA Questions Thread

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    The Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) is now closed to new applicants in England and no applications are being accepted for the scheme. Instead, the 16-19 Bursary Fund has been put in place for those between 16 and 19 year olds who might struggle with the costs for full-time education or training. This thread's being used as a good way to keep all questions on the 16-19 Bursary (and, formerly, EMA), in one place.

    If anyone has any good links about the Bursary, please post them here and we can add them to this post!

    If you want to discuss what you spend your Bursary on, then have a look in this thread.

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    Does anyone know when the fifth and last ema bonus comes through? is it at the end of our a2 exams or is it when the results are published i.e. the 17th of august.
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    It should be end of June/beginning of July
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    :dito: i was told that it would be end of june/beginning of july time by my head of sixth form.
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    Okay, right.

    My mum earns about £24,000 a year, and my dad earns around £13,000 a year. I know we're over the threshold, but my dad was on tax benefits this year (job seekers allowance after he was made redudant). He only got this job a few months ago. Is EMA still unavailable to me?
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    it goes on your family income as of last tax year.. so as he's got his job since you should still get it this year, but you won't next year.
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    oh and at the end of the day.. you might as well have a go.. what's the worst that can happen, they say no?!
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    its on the 21st July
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    do you have to attend school to get the bonus in june/july after your exams? and how much is the bonus...lol my balance is pretty low.
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    I totally forgot about the Bonus, that will go a way to the deposit for accomodation at Uni
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    i was over the threshold and sent off for it anyway, i just got a letter saying no. thats all they do! so you may aswell try
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    I got my no letter today...well yesterday i guess as its after midnight. Just apply.
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    I've finished all my A2 exams now, so I'm no longer at college. Will I still get my bonus, and how long do they keep paying the weekly EMA?
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    (Original post by sweasy)
    its on the 21st July
    Doesn't it vary for different places?:confused: Last year some people got theirs earlier than the others.
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    well, ive finished my exams but i still get my EMA,lol even though i dont attend.The guys who order the money are mates wiv me so they could be doing sumfin doggy,im not sure.however even if you arent in school anymore, you will still get your bonus.that is next mnth(mines 21st july).
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    I'll be getting EMA next year when i start year 12 but i don't really understand this bonus thing. Why do you get them, how much do you get, and when do you get them?
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    I don't qualify for EMA
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    (Original post by The_Illusionist)
    I'll be getting EMA next year when i start year 12 but i don't really understand this bonus thing. Why do you get them, how much do you get, and when do you get them?
    You get them for attendance and effort; at my school, you had to have received a certain amount of weekly payments, which are based solely on attendance, and have 1s and 2s (the best marks) for effort on your interim reports. You get £100 a time and there are 5 altogether over the 2 years, I think 3 in the first year and 2 in the second.
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    and have 1s and 2s (the best marks) for effort on your interim reports.
    How do they judge your effort? Do they go by module grades or something?

    You get £100 a time
    :eek: Woah! That's a lot! I'd feel guilty excepting that much!


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