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Thread for me!

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    By the look of the blog forum, if I want posts, instead of doing exercise I should either be tinks, or a girl trying to gain weight.
    Went docs the other day, he said avoid running for a week or two. Went to hockey today, didn't run, feet didn't feel too bad, so I think I am now basically fine, hoorah!
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    Went cycling today. Really felt it in my hamstrings going uphill. May have to start doing some sprint cycling or the like regularly.
    Also did:
    5*8(+8kg) dips
    5*2 pullups(+16kg), 5*3(+8kg), 5*5(BW)
    5*10 BW squats(fast)
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    Very gentle 2 hours of squash. Also 2*10 pullups, 10 pressups.
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    Had hockey on thursday, calves were feeling it the next day bizarrely!
    Today did 3*15 dips, and 100curls with 8kg dumbell per arm(say commandant mention a similar thing with just a 20kg bar, and I had the dumbells so thought I'd try it...pretty much did it in sets of 5/10 by the end, but still kept hold in the moment or two's rest).
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    6*football pitch sprints, walk back the length of the pitch for rest.
    Felt like I was gonna spew after 5/6..
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    20 dips, 10 pullups, 15 dips, 10 pullups, 10 dips, 10 pullups, 5 dips, 3 pullups.
    May go for a short run later.
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    8*100m sprints at the track(rest of walking back)
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    5*(10 dips, 5 pullups) at BW+8kg
    50 [email protected]
    10*slow [email protected]
    Just a bit of a mess around with my dumbells at the end there.
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    20 dips, 10 pullups, 15 dips, 10 pullups, 15 dips, 10 pullups, 15 dips, 8 pullups
    Some curls, presses, squat press things.
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    (Original post by Slumpy)
    Going back to uni tomorrow, figured I should keep a log somewhere I go frequently.
    Basically, I'm keen on getting fitter, and hopefully a little bit stronger.
    Will have 4-5 hours of badminton a week, and a hockey match most weeks(once the astros thaw). On top of this I'm thinking of running SS, and then doing cardio when I have time otherwise. Thinking running, erging and swimming are gonna be my main cardio, although I have around 6-7 miles of cycling every day for lectures(more on days with badminton).

    Haven't really strength trained in the past properly, did SS for a little last term till work got too much, so these are gonna be a bit high:
    Deadlift-140kg*5, 150kg*1

    Pullups-max at the mo seems to be 8.

    Current bodyweight~91-92kg, 5'10-11

    Not too worried about stats, basic goal is just to feel fitter, maybe look a bit better, and hopefully get a bit stronger/faster.

    I know it looks like I've got a lot planned here, but I'll probably drop bits as time goes on.
    Anyway, here's this for a log.
    How far have you progressed in the last 2+ years? :holmes:
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    (Original post by sil3nt_cha0s)
    How far have you progressed in the last 2+ years? :holmes:
    Sod all really. That said, I'm probably stronger and fitter than then, and the best lifts I've had are a fair bit better than then, but I don't know what right now would be like.
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    A few hillsprints. Quads slightly tight, probably was a good move to get moving a bit, though damn the air was cold in my throat tonight!
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    2 laps, 9:05, 9:42.
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    Hockey match. Was feeling a bit unfit at times, but didn't seem too bad overall. We won, but I was terrible. Ah well.
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    15*sprints across a football pitch, rest on the walk back
    Not so hard, think I need shorter rests for proper sprint stuff.
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    Was gonna try for 100 burpees for time, but got to 20(in about 1:40), and a couple later felt something bizarre in my left thigh, so gonna leave it for now. Might try again later in a bit.
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    Hockey match on Sat. Scored 4. Aren't I just fabulous?
    Not too much exercise recently though, sorting out moving a bit.
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    The blues captain trains in the Jesus gym btw.

    He quarter squats 100kg with the pad
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    (Original post by Mdawg)
    The blues captain trains in the Jesus gym btw.

    He quarter squats 100kg with the pad
    Hey, that pad is heavy:p:
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    Wed-cycled 3-4 miles uphill, did hockey training, cycled back.
    Saturday-4-5 miles cycle uphill, hockey match, cycle back.
    Today, I went for a free session at a gym(turned out to basically be a health club, but hey, better than nothing):

    10 mins or so on the treadmill, increasing speed every half minute. Got up to 17 of km/h(I assume km/h, obviously not mph but could be something else). Some leg press stuff, DB OHP(18kg*3*5), DB Bench(22kg*3*5), some lateral raises, a few lunges(very few at like, 38kg DBs), curls(8kg*10,10kg*10,12kg*10), some foam rolling, and some light DB movements. Think that was about it.


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