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Issues affecting young people

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    I'm doing some research into consumerism problems that young people in particular experience (kind of of BBC Watchdog type thing) and was wondering if there are any big issues you yourself have faced or issues that you can think of that affect teens/young people/students?

    Anything except the student loans crisis of last year would be muchly appreciated.

    If you have a rant about a company who have treated you badly, or that you think have a bad policy, let it all out here!

    Thanks a lot.
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    I'm not sure if this counts, but I thought I'd throw it in just in case

    Many shops are fussy about giving student discounts (ones that clearly state they offer them), if you don't have the 'right' type of student card, they refuse to let you have a discount. Surely the point is to help out some poor students, as long as you can prove you're one, it shouldn't matter.

    Superdrug refused me a discount with my UCAS discount card, even though there's a clear sign by their tills that they accept UCAS cards - apparently mine was the 'wrong type' of UCAS card :erm:
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    Yeah, I was in Topshop a few weeks ago and the woman was really scrutinising my card! She seemed quite reluctant to take the money off.
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    I think that young people do often get labelled as being up to no good and sometimes we get banned from shops etc. because of this image that we are all criminals, people give young people dirty looks especially if they are wearing hoodies etc. THIS DISCRIMINATION HAS TO STOP.
    The Respect? Campaign believes that sometimes stereotypes about young people are blown out of proportion and young people get labelled for no reason. We want to tackle this and if you are interested in signing the Pledge which encourages young people to take action for themselves to make a difference please follow the link:


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Updated: April 10, 2010
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