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    How are you near the bottom of the championship? You were brill! Good luck with the rest of your season. Maybe see yas in EPL next season.
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    Steve has resigned.

    The Chairman has stepped down and is now just the owner.

    The meat heads may be happy, but I'm realistic, and am now incredibly pessimistic about our season.
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    A statement regarding the reported take-over bid by some Kuwait rich guy, basically saying nothing. They are not allowed to comment.

    In my eyes, coupled with the guy in question saying he is not allowed to comment until later either, suggets its legit.

    Leeds were initially the ones connected with him, but he wants complete control, something Bates isn't interested in giving. He just wants investment.

    That and this new guy wants to bring in Warnock to the club he's buying. That rules Leeds out.
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    I think we will get taken over by him in the coming weeks and I think Neil warnock will do well IF he does come but I would much rather have billy Davies but Neil has an outstanding track record to...

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    Apparently it has now been completed. The man himself has tweeted saying he has 100% ownership.

    Won't believe it until an official announcement is made by Nottingham Forest, but it looks promising. Hopefully we can tell Spurs to piss off in regards to Lascelles...
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    Love going to the Forrest ground for the odd game. Don't live too far away in S.Y, so get across sometimes. Randomly went to the Forrest / Millwall game a while back, used to chant Luke Chambers' name everytime he got the ball- used to get some funny looks from the people around us!
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    It's now been all over Sky Sports News and the BBC website.

    I've heard a press conference will be held on saturday, including the home kit release.

    Exciting times
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    Apologies for double-posting (seem's I'm the only Forest fan here);

    Being linked to a few players now new owners are in, including a few Wolves players (Elekobi, Knightly, Guedioura) and the very best players... of the Arabic leagues... :facepalm:

    Most notable of those being Syrian striker Firas Al-Khatib. I guess it is a win-win situation for us. If he's good, he'll do well. If not, at least he'll sell shirts in the East.
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    If they can offer big money, how about Harry Redknapp or someone similar for next manager? He'll be drawn by the past big names of the club. Brian Clough most notably.
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    (Original post by rockrunride)
    If they can offer big money, how about Harry Redknapp or someone similar for next manager? He'll be drawn by the past big names of the club. Brian Clough most notably.
    As a Spurs fan, surely you realise he'll never move this far up North...

    But I would love it. A more likely decent option is Alan Curbishley. Much better than the likes of McCleish or McCarthy. I don't want to watch that brand of football...

    EDIT: ...And right on queue, Redknapp has ruled himself out.

    He's in the same bracket of rumours as Benitez, Capello, O'Neil... would be great, but would never happen.
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    An interview with the new NFFC owners for those interested.

    Very impressed with the new owners so far. Saying all the right things.

    Actually saying something makes a change.
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    Sean O'Driscoll is now the manager of Nottingham Forest.

    Very good appointment, gets his teams to play good football. Came is as assistant to Cotts last season, his arrival co-incided with a strong ending to the season and good loan signings.

    Very, very happy. Hope he gets time to bed his philosophy.
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    Happy with Sean even though he isn't really iconic.

    We need to sign an entire defence.


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