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    Yeah they are/were the same bar/
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    Just wondering....dnt know if its frequently asked .....but if some1 stays for the weekend or something and they drive down to see you where are they meant to park if you are staying in halls?
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    In a car park. £6/24hrs
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    Unless its at langstone then you have to pay for a pass thing but i cant remember how much it is!
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    Is there anywhere thats free? like on the side of the road somewhere? Theres loads of places to do that here just outside the town walls and about 10 mins walk to town.
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    There are some places but parking in Pompey is a well known hard thing to do!
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    is it £6 per 24 hrs in all the car parks? or just the big ones?
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    I don't know of anywhere where it is free all the time. £6 for 24 hours is the cheapest I have found near Guildhall although there are other places where it is £8 for 24 hours.
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    is it worth getting a gym membership?
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    Ive emailled uni asking if i can be nosy round some of the halls to take pics :rolleyes:
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    My old room in Maggie Rule:

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    :eek: surprisingly tidy, all my archi mates rooms were packed with wood and bricks
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    That was taken in the Christmas holidays - right after I'd cleaned it thoroughly. It was the only time in the whole year when it could be classed as tidy..

    And no, you're not allowed to put posters on your walls, Freshers.. :p:

    And to whoever gets Margaret Rule 5-7-2, don't mind the hashed up paint job underneath the desk. It's what happens when you have drunk people and red wine in your room..
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    Lol ah yes posters.... hehe
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    To go with Tom's Reviews this is a really good link from uni with reviews/info on bars, shops etc

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    Hey Prad, you have same duvet as me! Except mine is in red. Heh
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    That review of drift is rubbish. No mention of £3 pints, fit bar maids or amazing DJ competitions.
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    (Original post by kirbz)
    Hey Prad, you have same duvet as me! Except mine is in red. Heh
    Hehe - nice! I won't ask where you bought yours from..
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    (Original post by TomInPortsmouth)
    That review of drift is rubbish. No mention of £3 pints, fit bar maids or amazing DJ competitions.
    yeh i wasnt too hot on some of them either :rolleyes:
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    Not sure if this will be of any help...

    I used to get taxi's everywhere as I knew alot of people living around the South Sea / Fratton area, and being lazy. I could never be bothered really to walk.

    A small tip for taxi's (if like me, you're lazy). Get the number for Aqua taxi's straight away. I don’t have the number(s) (there are three) to hand at the moment. But they are the only company in Portsmouth to charge by the mile. All the other firms, that you'll find around the bars / outside clubs etc will charge you by time. In rush hour this can be a nightmare. So always go with Aqua.

    Gunwarf - Tiger Tiger.

    This is a great club (imo) but it does have its set backs. Prices & Ques. To avoid the ques, buy a ticket (OR) use their "VIP" booking service (via text messaging) to place yourself on the list. We did this many times and although on very busy nights, such as when everyone’s come back after Xmas or Easter, it can still take awhile to get in.

    Im not sure if the VIP service is open to everyone, but we were lucky enough to get to know a few of the people who managed / bar tended at the club. And well, we were put on the VIP list 1 week (via text) then we used the same text number to text each week we wanted to go! it worked every time. Ask about inside. Its worth it.

    Inside Tiger Tiger, there are roughly 6 bars. But only one of these bars (Vodka Island) will sell drinks cheaply as the flyers state. This is the bar up the stairs from the main entrance and to the right. The amount of times I’ve been in the club area or a different bar and ordered or drinks then been shocked yet to embarrassed to comment on the total cost. Is untrue.

    Best Bars & Clubs (my view)

    I had quite alot of practice, so I hope people (if anyone reads this) will find it helpful.

    Yates = Nothing special at all. Went there very few times. Pretty cheap but I found that it lacked atmosphere at the best of times.

    V Bar = We loved this place in the first few months, got to know the staff and bouncers. Quality establishment. However, it does get alittle tiresome as its pretty crampt in there. Id advise this as a 'pre' drinking venue. Go there for a few shots to get you started then move on. Recommended!

    WalkAbout = Really not for me at all, if you enjoy getting your arse touched by old, ugly women. Then this is the place for you. Sometimes its heaving, but the corny music and its attraction to the elder generations put this way down on my list of places to visit. However, if you're hammered to the extent you really dont care anymore, you'll love it. Cheese is great, in moderation.

    Isambard Brunel (Whether Spoons) = This place was almost my home at one point, its fairly large and attracts all kinds of ages (as most Spoons do). Cheap, very cheap. If you go to the Christmas ball, make sure you go here first. Its the place to be in the hours before the ball. All you'll see is a sea of tuxedos and lovely dress's. Its bad points are its lack of music & can be very busy on the weekends / busy student nights. Recommended!

    Llyods = My favourite bar, and prolly the most expensive. But its stylish interior and quality choice (varied too) of music really made this place a firm favourite. Typical prices, Student prices are from Sunday - Thursday. On Fridays & Saturdays you'll be paying close to London prices for doubles and some shots. Recommended!

    I found that after Christmas i was pretty bored of Guild walk, and wanted something new. So we explored & Found a selection of quality pubs & bars around the South Sea area. Infact, in a few months we visted nearly 50, which isnt too bad.

    Ones i would recommend are:

    - The Gravedigger
    - Rutland Arms
    - Hogs Head
    - The Drift Bar
    - Hong Kong Charlies Vodka Bar (Shots of vodka, but he mixes chocolates and sweets into them)
    - Chicago’s (on a Tuesday night, everything’s £1.50 I believe. Pretty good before Time & Envy)
    - Bar Blue VIP bar & Tang (cant remember its knew name). On a Thursday night, shots start from 50p and double vodka & cokes are £1.60. Ive never left this place standing up. Always been carried home. Can always go here before Time & Envy on a Thursday, as they are opposite each other. Nice & cheap way of getting pissed.
    - The Florence Arms
    - Bar Risa
    - The Registry ( a firm favourite with many, but didn’t enjoy it much myself. Pints are dirt cheap before Time on a Tuesday. But its carling, so not too great. Get a yellow card (i think they're called) good discounts on booze.

    Anyway, im shattered at the moment. I'll continue with this post tomorrow. I have some other tips that dont involve alcohol too... honest.


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