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    Lol, the cheerleading coach is brilliant.

    And the main girl is hot.
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    Sue Sylvester, the Cheerleading coach, is undoubtedly the best character.
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    Having watched this when it aired in the US, my verdict: catchy songs, alright-good plot, alright-good singing. But the later 2 items tend to fluctuate a lot. It's great to have a wee cheese-fest in the evenings to

    (Oh, and Jane Lynch is wonderful! Some of her character's lines... soo funny )
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    It's very American. Such a good guilty pleasure though.
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    (Original post by klgyal)
    Im watching glee, and so far i think its a pile of rubbish. the story line is so stupid :mad: i actually thought it was going to be good aswell ..never trust the adverts :p:
    what does everyone else think???
    I think the real point that i just lost interest from the adverts was the moment that guy who sounded like a girl talked.

    It should be illegal for anyone to be that camp, he makes alan carr look like mike tyson
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    ahhh i loved it so much it makes me want to scream
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    best show ever

    and thats how sue sees it:L:L
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    (Original post by EoghanM)
    best show ever

    and thats how sue sees it:L:L

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    best show ever

    and thats how sue sees it!!!
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    love love love it. it gets better later on imo (i'm in canada atm and the first season finished last month) bring on season two!
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    I totally love it - it's light, funny, I like most of the arrangements (e.g. I love the faster Halo!) and they've got fantastic voices!
    The only character I don't like is Shu's wife. I just want to punch her.
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    Actually i've changed my mind
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    I liked it, it was alright...the guy with the mohawk :coma:
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    Loved it! Fun and completely cheesy, exactly what I need right now.
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    I saw the pilot a few weeks back on E4 because my younger sister was watching it. I thought it was going to be just another crappy High School Musical/Britannia High kind of thing, but I'm actually really impressed so far.

    The songs are really good. And the main guy is :love: :sexface:
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    It's alright, but when they sing their voices sound so fake for some reason. I know they record it then mime it but they had to make it so blatant.
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    Me and my housemates love it
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    Love it!
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    Only seen the first episode so far but I like it :yy:.
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    Already watched all the eps online and I LOVE the show!! I plan on watching them all again on E4 until the new episodes air in America!! (y) I don't see how people can say that rubbish like Gossip Girl and 90210 are better... =\
    During the later episodes, more of a plot starts to form and the songs just keep getting better!! And Jane Lynch is just AWESOME!!!


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