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    Anyone seen this show? I have to say I LOVE it!
    Its kind of like a darker-comedy and actually likeable version of high school musical..but not so cheesy.. well I'm not sure that describes it well..
    It airs on Fox atm but according to Digital Spy has been bought by a UK network which will be announced next week

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    N.B. No Future Spoilers refers to the UK airtimes of all episodes. Do not post anything about the show in this thread if it hasn't already aired in an episode in the UK. Please direct all of those posts to this thread: http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/show....php?t=1792055
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    (Original post by schpanzy)
    It airs on Fox atm but according to Digital Spy has been bought by a UK network which will be announced next week
    The idea that it is remotely like HSM put me off.

    At a guess, the BBC would have grabbed this one. If C4 (and it's channels) got this I would be surprised.
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    An American friend of mine is really raving about this. I want to watch it, but it's not over here yet.
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    I've seen the first three episodes and it is amazing (and I hate high school musical). It's one of those programmes where you can't help but fall in love with every character, even the 'bad' ones. The songs they cover are really good, the jokes can be a bit risque and Jane Lynch, is fab as always. I can't wait for episode 4
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    Great news about Glee.

    Despite only 3 episodes having been aired, it has been such a ratings hit, that Fox have already announced there will be a second season. :woo:
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    Has anybody watched this wonderful new US show? I've seen the first five episodes so far and it's one of the freshest TV programmes to come out of America in a long time. It may initially resemble a shameless attempt to capatalise on the High School Musical 'mania' but in fact it abandons all of the saccharine, soppy mindless shenanigans and replaces it with a sharp, satirical wit and musical numbers that are genuinely impressive and mostly culturally relevant.

    It's been picked up by E4 over here but they won't be showing it until January. I've been obtaining it via alternative methods because I'm already hooked and I'd recommend it to anybody and everybody.

    Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzWrnsASi3c

    Seriously brilliant.
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    omg im hooked to this show I love it!!!:woo:
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    (Original post by pocketfulofposy)
    Yay for season 2!

    Anyone know where I can download the songs from the show? At this point I would even pay for them I love them so much (and for me, that is quite controversial!)

    Oh, and I saw in another thread that apparently E4 have picked it up. Shall be watching it all over again when it is officially available over here and I can squee about it with my friends!
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    I just watched episode 7. This is definitely my favourite TV show at the moment.

    Whenever I try to describe it to someone, I have to mention stuff like high school musical which I hate doing as it totally puts them off.
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    (Original post by Roobsa)
    I just watched episode 7. This is definitely my favourite TV show at the moment.

    Whenever I try to describe it to someone, I have to mention stuff like high school musical which I hate doing as it totally puts them off.
    I had to describe it to someone this morning... was quite hard! I just said "It's about a glee club, which is like a show choir. The characters are the undiluted stereotypes of people you'd find in high school. And then they sing really good covers of songs." She seemed intrigued
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    Started watching this last week, and up to date with the recent episode, and I am enjoying it. With the input of both modern and older music, its got a good combo of actors and songs!
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    Soo good! Though I didn't like the songs so much this week; but still fabarooney!
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    arghhhh im dying to discuss this with people, i love this show but no one i know watches it lol! loved this weeks epsiode by the way!
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    loving it so far, Sue is the best character by far.
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    quinn :yep:

    also, i'm not a fan of the whole story with will's wife so i'm glad they didn't do anything with her this week.
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    It's going on E4 in January, I think Glad it's back after the break!
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    the new episode was pretty awesome
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    I love the songs actually... I would pay for them if you could get them over here, but as it is I've got to just rip them from leeloodoyle's youtube! Such great songs to sing along to!
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    I didn't think I'd like this as I absolutely detest High School Musical (and shows similar to this) but I find myself watching it every week. I'm in love with Will, he's awesome. The 'Bust a move' and 'Thong song' covers were genius! And puck is just :drool:


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