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    Oh ok...then its fine. Your entry requirements depend and vary on the program you want to pursue!...If you have further doubts regarding program and its requirements then i recommend you yo visit particular university websites or write a mail to them regarding your queries. Otherwise your profile seems to be good but don't really know the US-UK education conversion pattern!!
    (Original post by Snookie4President)
    I don't graduate till next year and November is when the application tool opens for the 2011-2012 intake.
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    Do any of you guys know your move in dates yet?
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    (Original post by Peniel)
    Argh, crap! it sounds old...

    I've actually already make up my mind to take the Ustinov, though.. Hahahha.. but according to your opinions it sounds terribly humble. I may not survive there..

    Could please someone let me (or us) know about the age range of students live there? And, what are they actually doing during their time offs?

    Thanks a bunch!

    Cheers, Peniel.
    I didn't notice this thread was old!


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Updated: June 10, 2012
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