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Ideas For A Salon Name?

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    I have a frend who is a hairdresser and is startin her own business

    she is lookin for a name for the her salon.

    It would be great if the name "bee" was included but it doesn't have to be

    any ideas???

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    Learn to spell, innit.
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    Why doesnt she just name it 'Be'? I think it sounds nice.. but then again, i am rubbish at naming things..
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    Nappy hair bee gone
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    The Grateful Head.

    That is probably the greatest creative thing I have ever come up with. Treasure it.

    It would also make a good brothel name. :holmes:
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    (Original post by Who's N?)
    Why doesnt she just name it 'Be'? I think it sounds nice.. but then again, i am rubbish at naming things..

    she wud like to, but its alredy taken by someone else
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    My mum used to go to a hair salon called Dreadlock and Barnet. I think thats a really cool name for salon, its now called Clippers.
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    "Float like a Butterfly, sting cut hair like a Bee"
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    The Bee's Knees
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    Bee Beautiful?

    There's one called 'Curl up and dye' here :mmm:
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    Gorgeous Pretty Beauty Nail Salon
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    I should Bee in the kitchen.
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    'Hair bee gone' is good
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    This one:

    "It would be great if the name "bee" was included but it doesn't have to bee"

    see what I did there? :awesome:
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    Fingers or Rapey
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    Be or Bee sounds cool
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    Sluts cuts?
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    Bee's Hair Salon (all old style with pink and white.. like marshmallows!)
    Bee's Cuts
    Bee Defined
    Bee Unique
    The Studio
    Hair Design
    Studio 2000
    Studio 2010
    The Hair Room
    Hair 101


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Updated: January 28, 2010
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