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Liverpool John Moores - term dates, wildlife conservation, loan application

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    Hi... I'm starting LJMU in September 2010 and, to apply for my loans, I need to know what date I will commence my course (dd/mm/yyyy) and when I will finish my course (mm/yyyy)

    I will finish it in 2014, but don't know if it will finish in May, June or July.
    And I don't know the date I will start the course...

    I also need to know the weeks of study for one academic year (2010/11).

    Lastly, the course I'll be studying is Wildlife Conservation with a sandwich year abroad. Does this mean I'll be part of Erasmus?

    I've had a look all around the uni website and can't find a "term dates" section thus far... I'll ring up LJMU next Friday if I don't hear anything online, but thought I'd ask here first =)

    Cheers for helping
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    Term dates are September (usually about the 14th) to June. Your course will finish in June 2014.

    academic year is about 40 weeks long, but dont quote me
    Not to sure about the rest hun
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    Exact dates don't matter, I just put the 1st Sept and the 31st July as my start/end

    Induct week is the 13th September and then classes start on the 20th

    It's about 36 weeks study per year Sept-May


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Updated: July 24, 2010
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