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Banning The Sun/Lads Mags from SU

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    The feminist society at the LSE have submitted a proposal to ban The Sun and 'Lads Mags' from our Student Union shop.

    (Original post by The Feminists)
    We believe
    1.The homogenous representation of women’s bodies illustrated in FHM and the Sun is misogynistic.
    2.The images within both publications are heteronormative, in their assumptions of what constitutes ‘normal’ sexual relations.
    3.The images assume that women are sexually passive objects; and that relationships between men and women are equivalent to the relationship of predator and prey.
    4.The images are often airbrushed and encourage unrealistic and unattainable expectations of women’s bodies. Such expectations contribute to the proliference of eating disorders, and negative body image.
    5.Any industry which promotes the objectification of women inevitably has an impact on the sexist attitudes which underpin violence and sexual abuse, and as such cannot be said to be harmless fun.
    What do people think?
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    its a SU not a working mans cafe, i'm not sure it's going to cause that big a stir if they were removed.

    but I also dont think feminism is as strong a cause it used to be.

    so I dont think anybody cares either way.
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    I think there should be more gay mags out, and feministz suck lol they should get laid
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    Why not vote to ban computers and laptops as well? No, instead lets stop publications which show a pair of tits. **** sake, these feminists will do anything to prove there current existence in 2010 is neccesary.
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    Tell them to find something to whine about that people actually care about.

    Then ask them if they have done any research of the student body to see if The Sun has had a negative affect on them, or whether they have just sat down and pulled these conclusions out of their rusty vaginas. However logical they think their reasoning is of how The Sun and FHM is harming people, if they haven't got any evidence then their conclusions are completely worthless.
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    I'd tell you to shove your draconian censorship up your arse.

    This is from someone who's never even read any of those, never mind buys them on a regular basis.
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    Bloody Feminazi's. Twenty-first century man has totally subjugated 4 billion years of evolution and now, whenever he looks at a woman, sees only her inner beauty. People who read these publications are obviously throwbacks to a more primitive, superficial time.

    I'll read whatever I please and if it offends your sensibilities so be it.
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    How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb?

    Two. One to change the bulb, and one to suck my nob.
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    This is something I don't like about student unions. The issues they should be dealing with are student specific ones, not general political issues. Ok in this case it's actually a society proposing this which is fine I guess, as long as the SU doesn't give in.
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    Wouldn't it be better for their argument if they tried, nationally of course, to get The Sun to remove the page 3 pictures?

    Either way, I'm not really too bothered. I'm all for equality, but every feminist I know has just gone too far. Flip side though, I don't really read The Sun either.
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    Although, this made me lol:

    3.The images assume that women are sexually passive objects; and that relationships between men and women are equivalent to the relationship of predator and prey.
    Yeah, we're obviously hunting down women to kill them, rip their skin off, chew out all their muscle and leave them to rot in the wild. How is it predator and prey at all?
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    Men know women get airbrushed etc in mags, the same way they know most pornstars have fake tits and fannies more loose than a wizards sleeve, yet this doesn't discourage their appreciation for a normal womans body.

    A very fitting picture indeed:
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    well shouldn't lse have a selection procedure so it prevents morons getting in? that will stop them having those magazines in the first place
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    This is actually ridiculous and pointless. For starters not that many guys buy them in the first place and even if they do it's mostly for a laugh. Only an idiot would expect all women to look like that and don't take it too seriously. Secondly even if you stop selling them there's only a billion zillion gillion squillion pictures of naked women online. They've even invented pictures of naked women that move, don't you know?!
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    In terms of page 3 models they are choosing to take their top off.
    No man is grabbing them by the hair dragging across the room and physically forcing them to to do it.

    & in terms of airbrushing, should we ban the Christiano Ronaldo armani
    ad? Because he's been given a load of airbrusing, it may give off a false image of what men look like :rolleyes:
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    Nosey freakin femmies reading Nuts over my shoulder. I think we should ban that too.
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    If they have time for this jazz then LSE must not work their students as hard as I thought
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    What a load of balls....
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    Why did the feminist cross the road?

    to SUCK my COCK
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    This happened at my Uni! They ended up not banning them, but putting them behind notices so you couldn't see the boobies!


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