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What nationality are you?

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    I'm British.
    (But I don't know where the hell I'm from. "the east" is all I can say)
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    I think :indiff:
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    I am from Greece
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    (Original post by Iwantmore)

    Still proud?
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    American (I'm a good one!) Looking at future graduate schools in the UK!
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    British/New Zealand
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    im british and proud!!!.....
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    (Original post by SlyPie)
    By blood: Taiwanese, Dutch.

    By birth: American.

    Edit: Yeah, I already did this...oops.
    So u r Chinese...
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    I'm British

    Next Summer I'll be emmigrating to a Francophone country for 9-15 months and I hope to emmigrate permanently OR for a big portion of my life after uni.
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    hiii everyonee.. I'm indonesian living in singapore. Cardiff soon
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    I'm Thai, I've spent my entire life until two years ago in New Zealand though. :^_^:
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    (Original post by sawnet)
    hiii everyonee.. I'm indonesian living in singapore. Cardiff soon
    Cardiff uni this year?

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    Singaporean! 😉

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    British indian

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    I think the pc term is British Asian? :lolwut:

    My dad was born in Uganda (ethnic origin: Indian), moved to London when he was 14, and now has a british passport.
    My mum was born in India, moved to London when she was about 16 and now has a british passport.
    I was born in London, am now 18 and have a british passport.
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    Kurdish, and swedish as well.
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    Turkish. :K:


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Updated: August 2, 2015
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