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MA Social Work at Northumbria

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    I am considering applying for the Masters in Social Work at Northumbria for Jan 2011 entry. I know this is a new course and so its really hard to find any reviews/speak to previous students etc. Could anyone offer any advice? Either for the MA route, or even their experience of undergraduate social work at Northumbria?
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    hello, i am also currently applying for the same... have you got the exam on thursday? i am also searching for advise
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    Hi, I have also applied, I have the exam next Friday. Hope it went well for you! I will be cramming this weekend, I'm really worried, I'm not so great at exams! Would rather have had an interview too and not have the whole first stage resting on passing the exam! Have you found out how you did yet?
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    I had a place for the first stage a few weeks ago but couldn't get the time off work so I'm going on Friday for it. Have either of you spoken to anyone who has done the course before? :s
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    I'm there on Friday too! No, I haven't found anyone who is on the course, like you say it is a new course so I think that's why. Hope it goes well for you on Friday, I wonder how many people got through to the first stage!
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    hello, i passed the exam and my interview is tomorrow. i'm very nervous as i've got no idea what they are going to ask and i'm not very good at intertviews. i'll let you know how it goes x
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    How did the interview go?! I hope it went well for you and wasn't too scary! X
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    Hi, has anyone been made a offer?
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    Hi, I have been made a conditional offer (subject to obtaining an NHS bursary, CRB check & health check etc). Has anybody else been made an offer and accepted? Would be good to chat to anyone that is starting in Jan! I'm now looking in to sorting the bursary out...and panicking about how I'm going to be able to afford to eat and pay bills!!
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    I've been made an conditional offer too.

    I'm in a pickle now though as I have places at Durham in Sept and Northumbria in Jan and don't know which is best? I've heard some bad reveiws about Durham from past MA SW students but it is closer to home so would mean less travelling for me (I plan to live with parents in Durham).

    Any advise anyone?
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    I've also been made a conditional offer
    just have to sort all the paperwork out now!
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    Hi i've been made a conditional offer for January 2010. Like everyone else i need to figure out how i'm going to live/pay bills. Do you guys think there is much chance of finding a evening or weekend job?

    Also does anyone have any idea what the course strucure is like? i'm thinking do we get decent holidays like undergraduate students were we can work 60 hours a week to pay for the year ahead :-)

    if everyone is local to the north east, I'm from Durham myself, we should perhaps meet up a for a get to know you session before the course starts
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    I was told alot about the course structure at interview. Was told that for about the first 3 months you're in uni solid and then out on placements for the rest of the year, and its similar with second year.

    I do have bad news for you if you were looking forward to holidays though... I was told there's practically no holiday time over the 2 years. I think she said about 6/7 weeks over the whole course :s And I asked about part time/evening jobs and she said there would be very little time for that too :s Sorry!

    However, I am also from Durham. Are you thinking of moving through there greame or commuting?
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    Hi everyone,

    Nice to hear from some people who (might) be starting the course in Jan! Oh, that's interesting that you say you've heard some bad reviews about Durham. I'm from Middlesbrough, and would actually prefer to go to Durham as it is quite a commute for me to Northumbria. However I haven't applied there so if I was to apply for next September I would have to decline my place at Northumbria and then I might not get on the Durham course! Aargh!

    I was also told at my interview that the course is very demanding and that we would have very few holidays and a big workload. I know two weeks holiday in Sept was mentioned to me and that we're on placement all over summer. Not too sure when the other weeks holidays would be? Does anyone have any idea how many hours / days a week we will be in Uni in the first 3 months?
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    i have also been made an offer
    i have sent off the pack for the bursary, but apart from this does anyone know of any other funding that is available? not having time for a part time job even will mean that i will have no income what so ever and sill therefore struggle to pay the bills.

    there must be some other supprt somewhere

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    Hi everyone, I have a confirmed place for Jan too, taking a secondment from my job and looking forward to it!

    I also have a spare room I am renting out, I live really close to Coach Lane Campus (4min drive and I have a car) and have a great flat! If you're interested, get in touch!

    Claire x
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    Hi I have a conditional offer for January 2011, not a firm offer yet. But, am looking for a place to stay, is your room still available?
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    Hi, is any one else going to the pre induction in November ?
    - Lisa
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    Hi, I just wondered if anybody went to the pre induction day? Unfortunately I couldn't make it. I am waiting on the uni sending me info, but I just wondered if anyone here could let me know how it went and if any important info was passed on? Does anyone know an exact start date or rough year calendar or when we will be in uni yet? Cheers!
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    I have been given a condition offer to attend northumbria uni to do the social work masters, starting jan 2012. I was just wondering if anyone else was planning on starting then??

    Also if anyone is already on the course and if you could tell me what its like?
    How much time do you spend at uni? Is there time for a part time job? Whats the workload like? Is it possibly to survive on the funding you get and is the only funding available that from the nhs bursary?

    Please could someone give me some info!!!



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