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    I just read this on the wikipedia article about Glasgow:

    "In 2009 Glasgow was named the 'murder capital' of Western Europe, with homicide rates and murder rates double those of London and Manchester, and more than Belfast, making it one of the most dangerous cities in Europe. In the 2009 census Glasgow’s homicide rate per million was the highest of any city in Western Europe, only some Baltic cities having higher murder rates.[29] Problems with crime still persist in nearly all areas (some more notorious places; Possilpark, Drumchapel, Easterhouse, Pollok)."

    I now want to ask you, is Glasgow really (such) a dangerous city or is it just certain parts?

    I'm guessing that the areas around the uni are quite safe, right?
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    Just certain parts are dangerous - parts that won't be necessary to go to. The West End and city centre are generally fine.
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    Just certain parts like Easterhouse, Springburn and Parkhead. The city centre is relatively safe and the West End is probably the safest bit of Glasgow. :yep:
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    Unis fine

    I've lived in and around glasgow all my life and tbh its fine if you avoid the scummy bits like possil etc
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    (Original post by Ronar)
    Unis fine

    I've lived in and around glasgow all my life and tbh its fine if you avoid the scummy bits like possil etc
    Possiilpark. :daydreaming:
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    No wonder Taggart's going so strong

    In all seriousness, a few small areas bring Glasgow down. The areas around Glasgow Uni are as safe as you're going to get in a big city.
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    You are quite right, I'm surprised I'm still alive.

    P.s you do realise that anyone can write anything on wikipedia?
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    (Original post by ferdi.g)
    "In the 2009 census Glasgow’s homicide rate per million was the highest of any city in Western Europe, only some Baltic cities having higher murder rates."
    I was always concerned about moving to Glasgow because of the crime rates but this made me feel a bit better actually.
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    The West End isn't all that safe to be honest. In the time I've been here at uni at least 2 people have been murdered on/just off of Byres Road and there was what looked like a fairly serious stabbing outside Partick station a few weeks ago. I know of several people who've been mugged too - one in her 3rd floor student halls (albeit Murano, but still...). At my residence last year (Private halls in the West End) my flatmate had her laptop stolen while we were in the kitchen. As in, the thief was in our flat while we were.

    I think there's been a murder/serious assault or two on Great Western Rd recently too?
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    A city like others cities in Europe.
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    So it's rather safe then, right? As long as one avoids the strange areas...
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    It's as safe as any other big city. You have little reason to be venturing out to the Southside or east end where most crime is concentrated. You will probably only ever be in the west end and city centre. As long as you are sensible about things you'll be fine.
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    (Original post by pamelaa)
    P.s you do realise that anyone can write anything on wikipedia?
    That doesn't really work when the stuff is actually sourced. :p:

    Anyway, yes, terrible, I get murdered weekly. No wonder nobody lives here.
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    The crime figures aren't lies; they're true.
    But the Glasgow's crime rate is still a hell of a lot lower than anywhere in North America, Africa or Asia.

    It's not like Mexico :')

    Just like the same as any big city really.
    Avoid the rough parts, try and travel in groups, and don't advertise your wallet and phone

    Glasgows a lovely place that has a bad reputation a little unjustly.
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    (Original post by InvoluntarySlacker)
    Possiilpark. :daydreaming:
    haha I live in daily fear of getting a bus in the wrong direction to possil :love:
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    It seems that is one reason why Edinburgh is the capital rather than Glasgow.
    Glasgow makes London seem safe loool
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    I live next to Easterhouse in a place called Swinton. It's nothing like Easterhouse to be honest. Nothing!

    Glasgow is quite like that. It not like all the bad places are here and the rest is nice. Its quite spread out in that you can enter these places without even knowing it. The west end is really nice and safe as city standards go. An above poster posted that there was assaults/violence in this part but its unlikely that in a city, a place the size of Byres road or the west end in general will not get any bother.

    The violence in Glasgow is really overhyped. Every city has its scum an Glasgow is no exception but the media make it look like you'll get plugged if you step out your front door. This is not true. Just don't be walking round these places at night drunk or you're asking for trouble. Nor should you go around thinking your the big cheese as I'm sure there are many people who will want to correct you...but I'm sure this is the same in every city.

    Glasgow is a great city and there is lots to do. I'll be attending Glasgow Uni in September '13 !

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    You guys do realise this thread is from 2010 don't you?
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    Lol, this is the common stereotype. When I said I'm moving to Glasgow everyone's like "OMG It's a dangerous place, you shouldn't go!" and I met this guy who visualise Glaswegians walking around with knives, but really people in Scotland are really nice and Glasgow is not that creepy.


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