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Am I too old to be reading this...

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    (Original post by Rainbow-Dream)
    I loved that series too. Did you watch the tv series on (I think it was) channel four or itv? I would stay in on a Saturday to watch it (it used to be on at 3-ish). I read those when I was about 13. I'm 17 now and want to re-read them.
    I watched one episode but hated the main character (she was ginger?), I didn't picture her as the person from the books so never watched again!

    I love getting the books out, it's my feel good books, I can remeber what happens but not in the order of books.
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    You're never too old to read any sort of book.

    I'm 22 and I love Roald Dahl books, and some of my favourite books are A Little Princess and The Secret Garden. Also I still cry when I read Anne of Green Gables :o: I like having a read through some of my teenagery books too, some of them are still brilliant no matter how many times I read them.

    I do have a clear out every now and then though and sort through which ones I've grown out of and which ones I still enjoy. It's interesting seeing which books stand the test of time. :yep:
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    (Original post by Finbar21)
    you still read a nursery rhyme?
    so what :confused:
    old school > your life.
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    I used to love Jacqueline Wilson books. I don't read them anymore though, as I'm not into them as much and I feel too old for them. Plus, A Level English Lit has got me reading lots of mature books now. Anyway, read what you want if it makes you happy, it's not gonna kill you, is it?
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    (Original post by vilongo)
    so what :confused:
    old school > your life.
    Nah, I was just wondering whether or not something about 4 lines long could count as have been read?
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    Nah, I was doing exactly the same myself over the christmas holiday when I was at home, and I'm 19. It was a nice break from all the stuff I've been reading for my course since coming to uni!
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    I loved re-reading all my childhood books. It reminds you of when you were younger, whats wrong with that?
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    Nothing wrong with younger books, I recently went back and started to read the collection of Enid Blyton books that my mum saved up from when she was a child - great reads!
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    Marigolds pretty heavy going if you ask me
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    Read whatever you want. Heck, i still buy and read the Redwall series on occasion and i'm 18. It's actually sort of interesting to see how different my perspective to these stories is now than it was when i was 10.
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    If you enjoy them then read them.
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    Gears of War : the book :yep:
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    (Original post by Finbar21)
    Nah, I was just wondering whether or not something about 4 lines long could count as have been read?

    It's indeed reading, i think?
    I mean i read it word-per-word.

    it might be some new form of communicating hieroglyphics into sound though, im not sure.
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    No, just read whatever you enjoy reading.
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    Of course you're not too old If it makes you feel happy....:awesome:
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    Not at all, plenty of childrens books are enjoyable for adults for different reasons. I'm listening to the audiobook of Through the looking glass by Lewis Carroll, I'm enjoying it a great deal for it's philosophical connotations.
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    (Original post by Rainbow-Dream)
    I'm 17 and recently have been starting to re-read books I read when I was younger (about 10-11 ish), including books by Jaqueline Wilson (Marigold, Midnight etc). Am I too old to be reading this? What do most people my age read? I guess it reminds me of the good old days, before life got serious and exams started... :o:
    If you ever feel self-conscious about reading children's literature remind yourself of this question, then actually consider why it might be problematic: who writes children's books? I did (I am a third-year undergraduate) a children's literature module last year, reading some of the classics (in a traditional and contemporary sense) for the first time, and I enjoyed them far more than more canonical ('important') texts on other modules.
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    Read what you want. I've read Jacqueline Wilson books, just to see what the fuss is about :p:
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    Yeah, I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I'm 16 and I still read books aimed at younger children. I have a lot of Enid Blyton, Jacqueline Wilson, and various books about animals and horses and stuff that I had when I was younger. I love getting boxes of them down from the attic and reading them.


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