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What's the ideal room temperature?

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    In your lounge, say, when you're sitting down working or watching TV.

    My boyfriend insists that I'm heating the room excessively and that it's 'so hot that [he] can't breathe' when it's around 20 degrees Celsius.

    What's your ideal indoor temperature?
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    Cool, and a window has to let fresh air in. There's nothing worse than a hot stuffy room.
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    I think 19/20 degrees celcius is pretty standard. I work part time in a shop and my colleagues tend to keep the temperature between 25 and 35 degrees celcius, which really does make me feel uncomfortable. :s
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    Personally, I prefer the room to be a little on the hot side, so I'd say 20+
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    About 20'C+
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    I think it's 21 degrees celsius.
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    i like it about 16-20, we tend to keep it at that because we have hamsters so we try not to let it drop below 16 but any hotter than 20 and it starts becoming uncomfy for me

    my parents and the bfs parents have it 30+ and its so uncomfy when we go around, its nice at first if its freezing outside but as soon as weve 'thawed' it becomes too hot
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    I like it stupidly warm which annoys everyone else. My mum's house it quite big so its never heated enough! I'll have to stop doing it when I get my dog though as they wouldn't be able to cope in the heat I prefer.
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    21.5C is good for me (precise because the thermostat goes up and down by 0.5C).
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    i hate it when it is too hot and you cant breathe
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    I like 18.
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    thermostat says 22C comfy!
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    19.2536754127 Celsius
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    Lol, do you guys all have central heating?
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    I would say 19/20C is perfect.
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    I keep mine between 18 and 21.
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    (Original post by Bubbles*de*Milo)
    Lol, do you guys all have central heating?

    yes but we dont use it, dont need to

    havnt had it on at all this winter and ive been sitting in t-shirts
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    (Original post by Bubbles*de*Milo)
    Lol, do you guys all have central heating?
    Do you live in a cardboard box or something? Of course we have central heating.
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    I like it hotttt. At home, I always turn the thermostat up to 25ish, and at university I just turn my radiator up to max and hope for the best.

    My flatmates must think I'm insane - I have to wear my dressing gown/a big jumper whenever I go into the kitchen and I spend the days (when the heating is turned down much lower) with a big fleecey blanket over my lap when I'm in my room. I really dislike being cold, if that wasn't already obvious.
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    (Original post by tinktinktinkerbell)
    yes but we dont use it, dont need to

    havnt had it on at all this winter and ive been sitting in t-shirts

    I wouldn't have a clue what the temperature of my house was, we don't have air conditioning, just really annoyingly old fashioned heaters we don't use much because they give everyone a headache.


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Updated: February 8, 2010
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