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Wincanton Assessment Centre

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    Hi Guys,

    I have been invited to an assessment centre with Wincanton, I am just wondering if anyone else has been to one and what I should expect.

    Not been able to find anything on their recruitment process.

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    I have a telephone interview with them on monday, can you help me people. I guess you both passed the interview, what am i expecting. Appreciate if you could help.
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    Hey guys, I have been accepted to the assessment centre stage aswell, I believe they might send us to distribution centres, however their website says that they will organize it in Chippenham which is there head office...(I think).. It should be fun whatever lol, i think they will make us do a presentation or some sort of team work exercise, also there could be an interview in there too... regarding the telephone interview as anasaslam said just be yourself, they sound like they want genuine, hard working people so sell yourself and you will be fine .. hope to see some of you at the assessment stage whenever that is lol
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    hey guys, just received my letter through the post, the assessment is being help in stoke on trent, and its 4 hours long ( 1.30-5.30).. you need to provide them with a photo and someother stuff... looks interesting
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    I have my interview on monday, lets hop i can join you guys at the assessment centre.
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    hey rob

    i was supposed to receive my letter but then i have gotten an email for taking the OPQ by Penna Consultancy on behalf of Wincanton...i am quite confused...i have been invited to the centre..dont hv the letter yet but have to sit another psychometric test...was it the same for u???

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    I passed my interview today! Any information on the assessment centre.
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    hey anasaslam, you will receive the letter soon i think, the OPQ is a questionnaire which you have to complete before the assessment, its 104 questions and it takes about 50 minutes lol, you cannot pass/fail it so dont worry
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    ahan...my date is 9th of march and i have to go to somewhere at morrisons warehouse....time is 9:00 to1:00....wats the date for u rob....do tell me how it went if urs is before mine
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    mine is the 2nd march, from 1.30 until 5.30.. i cant wait
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    Best of LUCK MAN and do tell me how it went for U
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    Hi guys

    I have been invited to the Assessment Centre as well on 9th march to northampton. This one is my first time at an assessment centre.. any tips or ideas on what to expect ??

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    hey, my assessment went OK i think, we had to do a 1 on 2 interview, which was on competency questions, we then had to do a 10 minute presentation on a case study and then we had to do a group presentation
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    Thats GR8 news man!! Can u please tell me a bit more about the case study presentation and the group case study?? I have mine on 9th..I am Warming UP
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    The ppl at Wincanton said that the face to face interview is gonna be for 1 hour. Dont know wat to expect in that. Any tips Rob ?

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    For me, the case study was about a german company wanting to invest in the uk to expand their market area, and they were targeting your company which was located in milton keynes, but a possible expansion was possible in doncaster, it then gives you loads of facts and figures to digest etc. yes the face to face interview is 50mins - one hour, but it goes really fast believe me, they ask you 10 compentency questions, I couldnt tell you them because i have forgotten, but it was a wide range believe you me!! I received a letter off them today telling me i didnt get the job, pretty **** really. I think i was the best there, all the other graduates werent as educational intelligent as me, but it doesnt matter, Wincanton have lost a great graduate in me btw good luck mate!
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    I am so sorry to hear that Rob ....Dont worry u will definitely find something better ....

    @ Aanand: Good luck for the "big" day and will definitely c ya there

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    thanks a lot.. looking forward to the big event myself! All the best to u too! cheers!
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    Hi guys,

    I have my assessment centre Thursday 18th March. My first one and so just treating it all as a good experience.

    Has anyone battled through the assessment centre yet? Any more tips?
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    I just passed the teleophone interview; they ask three competency questions, and are really friendly not to difficult.
    I have to do the online exam - i am nervous as my english skills are above ave but my math isnt great.
    Do you think its the same online math test that they give you in the acessment centre? does anyone know how much we have to score in eitheir!! worried ...:stupido:


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