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Sports you are good and bad at?

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    for me - i am ok at football and cricket

    bad at - Basketball and Tennis.
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    Pretty good at football and can play rugby

    Bad at tennis, cricket, and most other small ball games

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    Good at cricket, cycling,

    Bad at football, rugby, badminton
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    - Basketball
    - Benchball... I wish it were an Olympic sport
    - Rounders
    - Most teamsports with 'ball' at the end, well I prefer them e.g. Netball, volleyball etc.

    - Cross country... eww
    - Hockey because you have to hurt your back trying to whack the stupid ball (although I have improved this year!)
    - Football
    - Dance :rolleyes:

    Oh yes and I'm pretty bad at tennis too!
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    I'm a passable horse rider, archer and skier. Crap at everything else.
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    Hockey, judo and brazilian jiu jitsu. I can also bowl an offie, but I can't bat to save my life.
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    Good: horse rider, show jumper, kayaker, badminton and basketball player.

    Bad: football, cricket, tennis, all the other sports i don't care about
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    Good: Cricket/Badminton

    Average: Football/Swimming/Cross-country

    Bad: Rugby/Tennis/Table-tennis
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    Good at Basketball, Tennis, Football, Cycling , Boxing and Rugby

    Bad at Table Tennis and Cricket
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    Good at sports that use the hands.

    Bad at sports that use the feet. What a stupid idea that is.

    Also I suspect most of us are good at the sports we played growing up and not at the ones we didn't. I once tried to play basketball with some americans, that was embarassing.
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    I'm good at most sports I've tried but pretty bad at football and tennis and my lacrosse skills were dire.
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    Good at - things you can do alone/ don't have to wrestle balls from people. Do martial arts, was a gymnast and did trampolining.

    Bad at - balls. Netball, football, any ball.
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    (Original post by DeceitfulDove)
    Good at - things you can do alone

    Bad at - balls.


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Updated: July 16, 2014
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