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The (Sidetracked) Road to 3/4/5

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    I did say it'd be hyperbolic with the 'warning: ad copy incoming' sentiment when I pasted the link. I think it's probably fair to say most people would go for the burn but I really, really am not that kind of person at all. I haven't done high reps for a long time and it is probably to my detriment because of that.

    Personally I feel the very low reps of this are actually rather beneficial for technique as they help solidify it, ''practice'' as Pavel might call it. The drop at the bottom of the squat I simply assumed to be the 'pop' out of a deep, narrow-medium stance squat. That style is fairly natural to me so personally I don't see the issue with it, but your experience may vary (especially since you have back injury.)

    At the end of the day, I'm hardly preaching this from the rooftops: I'm just giving it an experiment because I have had good results doing (far more normal) Thibadeau programs before.
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    Clean Grip Snatch
    20x3 30x3 40x3 45x3 50x3 55x2
    55x2 60x2 65x2 70x2
    Sumo DL
    70x2 90x2 110x2 120x2 130x2 145x5+1 110x8
    BW+5x6 BW+10x5
    Neutral Grip Chins
    Seated Rows (wide d-handle grip)
    Ascending weights 12, 10, 8, 6
    Preacher Curls
    less weight but just going for the pump here.
    Cable crunches/hanging leg raises (bunch of sets)
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    Nice deadlifts. Do you always lift sumo? I've never actually tried it myself.
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    I'm slightly stronger sumo-style for reps so I'm training it this phase. I alternate between each depending on when I hit my weight target (in this case it'll be 155x8 and 170x1.) It's quite different in terms of sticking point: the main issue is getting it off the first 2 inches. After that, I'll lock it out even if my form is miserable and I've stiff legged it or whatever. The other thing is I can't squat more than once a week before the joys of my collagen deficient knees decides to scream even while wearing knee wraps. So I can get in some kind of volume for legs that's not a leg curl or whatever.
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    Are you taking anything for your knees? Fish oil/glucosamine?
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    Fish oil yes, glucosamine didn't seem to do much for me but I may try again. Nothing hyper aggressive on the fish oil dosing front though, unlike some of the stuff I've read online.
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    Sumo Deadlift
    60x5,5 80x5 100x3 120x3 147.5x5
    Wide grip pullups
    bwx15 bw+5x7 bw+10x3 Bw+15x3,1,1,1
    Seated Rows
    worked up to top set of 8
    Smith Bench
    20x5 40x5 60x2 70x2 80x2 90x2 100x2 110x1
    Incline Smith
    Hanging Leg Raises
    Cable curls
    15x4 10x10
    Leg Press
    20x5 40x5 60x5 80x5 100x5 120x5 140x5 160x9
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    Sumo Deadlift
    60x5,5 80x5 100x3 120x3 147.5x5
    Wide grip pullups
    bwx15 bw+5x7 bw+10x3 Bw+15x3,1,1,1
    Seated Rows
    worked up to top set of 8
    Smith Bench
    20x5 40x5 60x2 70x2 80x2 90x2 100x2 110x1
    Incline Smith
    Hanging Leg Raises
    Cable curls
    15x4 10x10
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    Lost a smidgen of weight (mainly fat) around 65kg now
    Incline Dumbell
    16x5 20x5 24x5 28x5 30x5 34x8 36x2
    Kroc Row
    16x5 20x5 24x5 28x5 30x5 35x5 36x5
    Smith Incline
    20x5 40x5 50x5 60x5 75x5 80x3 90x2
    Lat Pulldowns
    15x5 30x8+1
    Some cable curls, hanging leg raises and whatnot. A different time of day/not enough food intake in the morning. Hard workout
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    Sumo Deads
    60x5 80x3 100x3 110x1 120x1 130x1 140x1 150x5 110x5,5,5
    Nice session to get in some deadlifting volume. Was really nice to be lifting with someone a lot bigger than I am, who got up to 190x4, which is probably the most I've seen someone do at the Bloomsbury. Which says a lot about how terrible a gym it really is...
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    Morning session.
    20x10 30x5 40x2 50x2 60x2 70x7 75x5 80x1 85x1
    can't remember
    Incline Dumbell
    24x5 32x5
    can't remember
    Cable curls
    worked up to 30x5,5,5
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    Been a bit ill: linear progression is starting to hurt...a lot.
    Snatches 20x5 30x2 35x2 40x2 45x2
    Cleans 50x2 55x2 60x2 (slow)
    Sumo DL 60x4 80x3 100x2 120x2 130x1 140x1 152.5x4 (the last rep was one hell of a grind)
    Chins BWx12 BW+10x3 BW+15x3 BW+20x2 BW+25x2
    Cable Curls 30x5,5,4
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    Morning session
    20x5 30x5 40x2 50x2 60x2 70x9 75x7 80x1 90x0 (spotter did give some assistance) Would have nailed if I were fresh
    Military Press
    20x5 30x3 40x3 50x6 (loving this with a false grip: feels so much better)
    Seated Row
    ramp up to ?x7
    Cable curls
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    Dumbell Inclines
    12x5 16x5 20x5 26x5 32x10 36x5
    Incline Bench Face Down Rows
    12x8 16x5 20x5 26x5
    Mil Press
    20x3 30x3 40x3 45x3 50x6
    40x3 50x2 60x1 70x1 80x1 90x1 100x3 110x1
    Half Squats off pins
    120x1 130x1 140x1 150x1 160x1
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    Bad sleep/not enough food/woke up really early etcetc not the greatest of workouts
    20x5 30x3 35x2 40x2 45x2 50x2
    55x2 60x1 65x1 70x1
    Sumo Deadlifts
    70x3 90x3 110x3 120x1 130x1 140x1 155x1 (this is bad, I got 4 reps on 2.5kg less) Form was better though.
    BWx17 BW+5x3 BW+10x3 BW+15x2
    Cable 1 arm rows

    moral of the story: don't try and ME squat and deadlift if you're me.
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    Was in NY for a week so no gym. Back home now.
    Clean and Press
    27.5x5 32.5x5 37.5x5 42.5x5 47.5x5 52.5x2 57.5x2
    57.5x5 62.5x3 67.5x3 72.5x3
    Dumbell Hammer Curls
    10x6 15x6 20x6
    Barbell Curls
    Upright Rows
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    Clean and Press
    27.5x5 32.5x5 37.5x5 42.5x5 50x4
    Pendlay Row (not used to this at all)
    27.5z5 32.5x5 37.5x5 42.5x3 50x3 55x3
    Mechnical drop set for t3h gunz

    I've been playing around with levers as well to get some extra back TUT in. Good fun/feel more stable elsewhere. Lots of what Dan John might describe as the 'body as one piece'
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    Clean and Press (only one clean for the last set now)
    27.5x5 32.5x5 37.5x5 42.5x5 50x6
    27.5x3 32.5x3 37.5x3 42.5x4 50x3
    I can't keep form on pendlays and my main back work atm is front levers so it is still somewhat balanced...
    Bicep superset: 20kgx5 reps
    The guns are severely lacking, even compared to my nonexistent other musculature. Also it doesn't affect my levers too much after the pump goes down so whatever really.
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    Not perhaps the healthiest workout in the universe but
    Clean and Press
    27.5x3 35x2 40x2 45x2
    Clean and Multiple Presses (no reclean)
    50x2 55x6 60x1 (PB)
    Working on handstands/levers. I'm liking this as a change of pace.

    Yes, I have no squats in my routine and won't for the upcoming few weeks.
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    Back in the gym. Good overhead press, seated row and curls. Everything else was pretty dire. Couldn't even DL 150 conventionally...oh dear. Will improve.


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