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The (Sidetracked) Road to 3/4/5

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    More non-training
    DB Press
    10x8 15x8 17.5x8 20x8 22.5x6
    Face Pull
    red x 10 (5 sets)
    Neutral Grip Chinup (10 count up and down)

    DB weight is weight on the bar. DBs are about 25kg each according to my scale at home. Weight up to 70ish and jeans fitting much better due to non training. Definitely lost some muscle but it's not really a priority till exam time ends in mid June. Still not 100% healthy.
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    DB Press
    10x8 15x8 17.5x7 20x8 22.5x6
    Face Pull
    Red x 12 (5 sets)

    More control than last time. Probably another 6 weeks of faux training.
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    Light ish training session.
    Many sets to 60x2
    Snatch Pull
    60x2 70x2 80x2,2,2,2
    20x8 40x8 50x8 60x8 70x5
    Bw x 12
    Some assorted curls and ****
    Pause FS
    40x3 60x2 70x2 80x2 90x2 100x1

    Nothing interesting, just nice to actually be back in the gym

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    A 2 plate pausie frontie is nice though. Nice to get 2 plates on for any exercise tbh. Especially after not training.
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    Lol pausie frontie.
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    More loltraining. Nothing serious is happening here till mid-june I think.
    20x? 25x? 40x2 50x2 55x2 60x2 65x2 70x1,1 73x1
    SN Pull
    73x2 80x2 85x2 90x2 95x2
    Paused CGBP
    20x8 40x5 50x3 60x2 70x1 80x1 90x1
    Seated Row
    80x10 100x15 110x12 120x10 130x10
    Messed around with some curls/dips/incline bench.

    Can't really find a comfortable pressing movement except paused CGBP with a big arch and overhead DB press with a neutral grip. Inclines feel kind of nasty on the shoulder, as do dips. Probably machine incline is the best option as it has a very shoulder friendly motion.

    Happy with the bench. I think it shows that benching for reps is important. Not that I have any muscle anyways.


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Updated: May 8, 2014
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