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The (Sidetracked) Road to 3/4/5

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    Ab wheels work dude. They're the only infomercial product I can ever see myself recommending. To be honest you can just keep one at home and do a few sets every 2-3 days. They're pretty cheap
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    Or you can make one easily enough:
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    my temple of fail continues....
    worked up to 130x5,4,3, ages later 140x3
    pulldowns/rows 2-3x8-12

    Met u4m1r which was nice.
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    I felt like unleashing my inner retard in weights terms so I did:
    Full Snatch into snatch grip behind the neck press
    20x3,3,3,3 25x3 30x3 35x3 40x3 45x3 (grip went awry, gave up)
    Power Curl into curl grip press
    50x1 for 12 sets with 30 seconds rest
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    worked up to 50x3
    Back Squat
    worked up to 115x4,2 90x8
    Strained an oblique so no more assistance work
    worked up to 80x5,4,3
    Incline Bench
    24x8 30x6
    bwx8 bw+25x3

    Managed full snatches.
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    worked up to bw+25x3 on the pullup. Did pump sets for facepulls, lat pulldowns and seated rows.
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    Snatch grip BTN Press :eek3:

    I actually tried a snatch grip front press and it was the most uncomfortable experience ever.
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    Behind the neck works a lot better for pressing with a snatch grip. I have no clue why as my understanding of anatomy is terrible. Don't try and go too low, keep the weights very light and see how you feel about it. It's nowhere near as bad as it sounds.
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    Worked up to a 50kgx2 snatch and 140x5 for a deadlift. Not much else of note except some curls. Unfortunately I was very pushed for time today.
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    Thats what you get from living at home!
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    My problem was more that I had an unscheduled seminar. I usually have enough time: I only have a few hours of contact a week after all :P
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    Six hours a week is amazing lol. I have more contact hours on a tuesday than you have in the whole week! If I start coming Bloomsbury regularly Ill probably be there around 5.30ish. Is that a bad time? Plus I'm gonna need to sort out some decent pre-workout meals. I felt superweak at the UCL gym that day, this might sound slightly stupid but I probably need to get used to the surroundings lol. And the oily plates and bar didn't help loll.
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    The oilyness is something that truly boggles the mind. It's got a lot better though, trust me. 5.30 wasn't a good time last year but there's about twice as much kit going around now so I reckon it'll be better. All you need is the squat or power rack anyways right? Pre-workout nutrition is necessary.

    All jokes aside about my six hours, I have no free time this week. Seriously: I've sold my soul to my university societies
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    Hit 57.5 on the snatch
    120x3,1,1 95x8
    Felt nice and tight, will be higher when I start eating/looking after myself better
    worked up to 82.5x4,3,3
    Fiddled with the way I bench, seems better.
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    Continuing my theme of not eating enough and being pushed for time 145x4 on the dead and 52.5x2 on the snatch. Full snatch is getting there but no point getting sloppy form on it. Deadlifts are a bit more of a primitive creature. Will get there eventually.
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    Wanted to try out straps. Pretty fail. Very tired/not eating well (feel a bit sick/nauseous most of the time.)
    Snatch work up to 50x3
    Deadlift work up to 145x5
    Some back extensions with 10kg
    Chins up to BW+20x5
    not much else.
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    hit 82.5x4 85x2 90x1
    Pec deck, incline machine press and some other stuff for sets just to get a pump going.
    Couldn't be bothered to train properly.
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    worked up to 120x4,2 100x9
    work up to 80x3
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    Feel utterly horrendous etc so going back to bodybuilding as I feel a bit burnt out in trying to push the weight up too quickly.
    work up to 135x2 (double overhand)
    Hammer Strength Mil Pres machine.
    work up to 50x3
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    My trap is pretty messed up. Which helps explain my deadlifting yesterday. I won't be deadlifting for at least a month to try and help recovery. I will be squatting 2x a week instead.


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