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NOMS Prison Service Graduate Scheme

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AQA GCSE physics P1 unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    Hi, is anybody on here progressing through the Prison Service Graduate Scheme. I had my JSAC last week and I'm not sure how I performed. Still waiting to hear.
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    Hi Kidsbelly,

    I also had my JSAC last week - I am very unsure about how I performed. Di they give you any indication about when you would hear on yours. They just said it would be soon when I asked!
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    They said they were doing half last week and half this week then we could know the following week, ie-next week (I won't hold my breath though). They also said 200 people were 'eligible' to take the JSAC but only 65 went through last week and they anticipated the same this week (so maybe 130ish), with 50 going through that doesn't sound too bad. what scenarios did you get?
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    I had my JSAC this week and I enjoyed it once I got into it. Once i'd read the briefs I didn't think it was goin to b too bad but then they threw loads more at u during the roleplay, I thought they might have made the briefs a bit more detailed.
    Which roleplays did u have?
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    Yeah, it seemed to be one problem after the other once it started. I have a lady who was 10 minutes late for visiting, a man who refused to go to the workshop without his cigarettes, a racist inmate complaining about a family at visiting time and a Mentor who was cracking up!
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    I had mine last week, and found it a lot better than I was worried about! I actually enjoyed it too, and ended the day on quite a high.

    My ultimate cringe was smiling at the self harm actor as I was taken out after my ten minutes. He was my last one, and I was going to say thank you, but I was rushed out so I just threw him a big grin, and I feel so bad about it now!

    They told me it would be mid march when we heard back. So three more weeks!
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    Haha, I did a similar thing with the racist actor. I spent ten minutes trying my best not to get into an argument with him, then turned and gave him a big smile on the way out! I wouldn't worry too much, I'm sure they get all sorts of reactions from people. I'm glad you enjoyed it at least, that says that you must have done something right. We would'nt have enjoyed it if we'd known it was going badly. Fingers crossed.
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    OMG mid march that seems such a long time ;-) I wonder how many people applied and what made you 'eligible' to do the JSAC!?! Does it mean some people who were invited didnt bother going if only 65 went last week?

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    I'm not sure its correct. It seems they did interview over 3 weeks so if they got through roughly 65 per week that would be about right wouldn't it. Still not bad odds though considering over 1000 applied.

    Fingers crossed.
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    How do you know over 1000 applied?
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    http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/group.php?gid=146456576380&ref=t s

    One of the comments from the admin staff on here speaks of 2000 showing interest with about half of those applying.
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    Just had an email from NOMS - It was simply a questionnaire (gutted).
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    hehe I got that email to - how annoying! do you think it will really be mid march until we hear anything?
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    They must have deleted it as I can't find anything on numbers. No matter how many times I refresh my emails a day, it isn't going to make them get back to us any faster!

    Fingers crossed, this is the only grad scheme/job thing I've seen that I want. The NHS one is too business-paperwork, I like the idea of being an actual hands-on prison officer.
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    yeah thats exactly how I feel - The NHS didnt appeal to me as it seems purely geared to management! fingers crossed!
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    This is taken directly from the facebook group.

    "Hmps Leaders- We have had a lot of interest this year, as is usual for the graduate scheme-to date over 2000 candidates have applied, but many will be sifted out in the early stages. You will need to pass the online tests to progress through to the JSAC stage. Please remember though, people do succeed and get on to the programme, so it could be you!"

    I understand what you are saying about the NHS grad scheme but the way I see it, within a couple of years on the NOMS scheme you'll ultimately end up in a similar middle management position. You'll only be hands-on for a short time.
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    Yes i agree but at least you start from a postion where you learn from the bottom up not just placed in mangement from the start. I also like the fact about being able to take a elective in goverment etc. Fingers crossed!
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    I was listening to someone on the scheme talk about it on radio 4 a while ago, and she was saying how it is important to be seen on the landings as a NOMS governor.

    Also, I was under the impression the scheme was to lead into a career as a warden/governor, not just management? My mums friend is a governor, and he is always meeting with prisoners, or so it seems when he talks about it anyway.

    It's something to talk about at the interview I suppose!

    Oh well, it's either this, prison officer or being a nurse!
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    Unless I'm mistaken, we should be hearing something any day now. They said by the end of this week. Good luck, fingers crossed.
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    I thought it would be this week or next. I am also losing internet, so good luck to everyone who applied.



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