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Lee Mack

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    Wow, this is like some kind of bizarre Blind Date!
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    (Original post by Christian_j)
    Wow, this is like some kind of bizarre Blind Date!
    Huh? :confused:

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    (Original post by TroyPimbley)
    I Did Ask Him About 'Not Going Out' When Asked Audience For Questions. And He Has Confirmed That The BBC Have Re-Commissioned The Show And The Show Will Be Back Late 2010/ Early 2011.
    (Original post by Christian_j)
    Sadly, I'm pretty sure that's bollox


    That would be amazing, but I'll believe it when I see it :\
    (Original post by Zottula)
    Yay he's coming back! Thanks for the good news

    I would've loved to see him live. He's awesome.
    (Original post by thetopnotch)
    Oh awesome I love that show :heart:
    (Original post by DaveSteed24)
    wikipedia informs me series four's commissioned for november 2010 - if you believe wikipedia that is :p: haha


    Everyone believe it's coming back for a fourth series now?


    Btw I quoted you all so you would know there is another post on this thread hehe

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    Lee Mack's Hilarious!
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    (Original post by Christian_j)
    I saw him in Birmingham last year; hilarious guy.

    I actually mourned on the day that Not Going Out was cancelled.
    I'm sure series 4 was renewed? Apparently they were supposed to film in november.

    EDIT: Just seen the above posts xD


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Updated: December 29, 2010
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