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N64, Anyone?

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    Yea £100 is overkill. Don't get ripped off. Zelda, Donkey Kong & Goldeneye for multiplayer are the ones I'd recommend most.

    Although if I was you, if you ever had a mega drive, revisit that baby, still can entertain me for hours!
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    I'll gladly part with my N64 and Zelda for £100.
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    Diddy Kong Racing
    Mario 64
    Pokemon Stadium
    Super Smash Bros
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    (Original post by Samwelln)
    Mario 64
    Mario Kart
    Zelda (Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask)
    Super Smash Bros!
    This and WWF No Mercy/2000, Perfect Dark and Conkers Bad Fur Day
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    (Original post by masmatin)
    This and WWF No Mercy/2000, Perfect Dark and Conkers Bad Fur Day

    How could i forget conker's?! EPIC!!
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    conkers bad fur day! :woo:

    then the rest have been said by others.. goldeneye, ocarina of time, 1080 snowboarding etc..
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    Perfect Dark mulitplayer brings back good memories haha. That bot system was amazing. Banjo Kazooie was one of the best titles on that console for sure, love that game.
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    (Original post by Samwelln)
    How could i forget conker's?! EPIC!!
    lol how can you forget this ?

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    Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time, Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, Pokemon stadium, Killer instinct gold. :top:

    I used emulators and roms once to play Ocarina of time on the PC, but it was lame since i wasn't used the N64 pad :no:
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    (Original post by masmatin)
    lol how can you forget this ?

    I think most people who've played the game would guess which scene it would be.

    CBFD is great the first time through to see the different situations but the platforming itself isn't particularly enjoyable as Conker is so small and his environments are so big. I still prefer Banjo Kazooie on the whole.
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    (Original post by JamesWyl)
    Diddy Kong Racing is another great racing game. It feels shorter and easier than I remember, but it's got a great multiplayer mode and lots of replayability.
    Omg. Loved it so much, my brother had a fit when he couldn't beat Whizzpig.

    (Original post by JamesWyl)
    You must also try Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie. I used to think Kazooie was better, but I've been replaying Tooie again recently and I'm not so sure now.
    Kazooie all the way! Just an amazing game. Busted out the N64 a couple of months ago and haven't looked back since!
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    I have 2 N64's with about 30 games, still break it out sometimes, goldeneye was revolutionary. Brilliant game.
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    Definatly get perfect dark, that is quite literally my favourite game ever. The Xbox version was shocking in comparison. Mario Tennis was also a great game which i still play every now and then. Diddy Kong Racing was also provided many fun times for me

    And i would suggest getting the console off ebay aswell, there are lots of them there. I got mine for £20
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    I still play it...even though using emulator. Zelda Ocarina is great and of course Mario Cart is recommended too.:cool:
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    I sold my n64 with about 10 games for £50 on ebay a couple years back. Dont get ripped off!


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