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Edinburgh University vs St Andrews University

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    Hi, I'm just looking for some advice. I'm trying to decide between St Andrews and Edinburgh and I'm completely stumped. They both seem to be great. It's for languages, French and English. Any advice would be very much appreciated!
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    Edinburgh :ninja:
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    Visit each and see how you like them, I would probably go for St. Andrews if given the choice.
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    Edinburgh = large city
    St. Andrews = very small town
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    Visit both
    I'm sure Ed is great. I like St Andrews
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    Depends on how important a social life is to you....
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    Personally I'd say Edinburgh because it's the best of both worlds - beautiful place with amazing architecture, but it also has lots going on and shops and stuff. I love St Andrews as well though, just I think Edinburgh would offer a more balanced experience.
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    Both = Very well respected

    Edinburgh = Culture, Nightlife, Social Life, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Shops, Human Beings
    Saint Andrews = Small, Lacking in the above
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    (Original post by pamelaa)
    Edinburgh = large city
    St. Andrews = very small town
    Yes, although they share similarities in being ancient and Scottish, it seems to me that, in terms of the location, it's like asking 'chalk or cheese?' It is highly important to visit. I always thought that St Andrews would be my kind of place- it had that traditional Dead Poets Society kind of appearance to it in photos (and it does have traditions). But real life isn't always like a photo or a film and when I visited it years later after being to university, I found the town (city really) far too small for my liking. But some people really love that - I imagine that some may also have cars to drive to the likes of Edinburgh from time to time- a place which, on the opposite end of the spectrum, would be a bit too full of other stuff for my liking as a university city.
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    edinburgh! one of the nicest cities in the world, and one of the best universities in the world...


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