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What do you think of World of Warcraft?

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    Any game that involves grinding and grinding away for hours ceases to be fun when you discover the better things in life. Anyone who then prefers that to the better things in life, e.g. getting hammered, is quite the weirdo.
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    A friend got me the basic game for my birthday a few years ago. Everyone seemed to be hyped about it, but when I logged on all I witnessed was a mass amount of arguments between little kids and adults alike. I got to something like level 22 then quit because I couldn't take it anymore. The WoW community are, in my opinion, unbearable.

    I started playing LOTRO when it launched and found the community and graphics to be much better. I now find myself unable to play any games that use older graphics engines because they hurt my eyes :p:.
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    When I used to play, I LOVED it... but I had to stop to focus on my studies. I miss it
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    WotLK and TBC happened, took the fun right out of the game.
    Besides its a timesink that ultimately amounts to nothing, furthermore you could play so many better games in the time you will waste just getting to 80.
    Believe it or not you will probably spend less time playing them anyway.
    When I quit a year and a half ago I managed to play 2 hours of CSS most evenings and still study/get homework down at AS level :P
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    (Original post by Bslforever)
    No opinion. It is a game. One that i havn't played. Some people play it in excess and some have never touched it. Is there much more to say on the issue?
    Perfectly said:rolleyes:
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    It could be the most boring game in the world for the first 20 hours or so. After that it becomes the most fun, yet least cool game you can possibly play :cool:
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    Wouldn't go anywhere near it. It's far to addictive and people have their lives consumed by it, something I don't really fancy to be honest.

    I should add now that Leeroy Jenkins is my only experience of WoW and it's still amazing to watch.
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    Dota > WoW
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    It's a very well made game, Blizzard are quite clearly in it for the money though. The game is designed so it takes forever to achieve your main goals - so you keep playing, and therfore keep paying your sub - but fills the game with just enough micro achievements, (such as leveling up or getting a new epic) that you don't get to disheartened by it all and give up. It's a very clever game that has many people, massively addicted to really quite monotonous gameplay. I quit because I finally realised it was having to big an effect on my studies, I might get back into it just for the summer maybe, I do miss it.
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    One of the greatest games ever made.
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    Haven't played it myself but I'll admit when I watched my friend play it, it did look interesting.
    However, I have also seen the negative affects it can have. 2 of my friends dropped out of college because they were so addicted to it.
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    I played it since classic and last November i finally thought that enough was enough. I stopped my subscription, got my mate to run over my disks in his land-rover and used the extra 20 hours i had a week which i'd normally spend on that P.o.s., to continue going to the gym.

    I used to get a big kick out of getting achievements and gear as it made me feel like that i'd actually achieved something. But once i started building muscle at the gym (and confidence that came with it), it hit me that only people on my server can see those achievements and gear on my character while the whole world can see my real physical appearance.

    For those of you who don't play it: do not ever touch it.
    For those who still play it: i feel sorry for you.
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    It's a good game, and if you feel you're capable of playing it casually without devoting your life to it, then go ahead.
    The problem starts when people become obsessed with it, voiding their social life and skipping work just to play. But to be honest I've played it casually for five years and I still manage to have a good social life and get good grades at school, so I don't see the problem.
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    I worked in Game and it actually does ruin lives, I hated selling it to fresh faced 12 yr old boys knowing that the next time I saw them they'd have lost or gained 3 stone and only have virtual friends...
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    there are other better things to do than WoW
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    It's fun, but really only if you have friends to play with and when you quest/go to dungeons with other people (the whole point of MMORPGing). Once you start farming for mats for professions its just a drag.
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    (Original post by Colour Me Pretty)
    I see this video

    and conclude it is highly addictive.
    Am I the only one who noticed his clothes disappearing under the duvet?
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    I can only think of this:


    (I'd embed the video if I knew how. :sigh:)
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    I tried the 10-day free trial, but by day 5/6, i was just fed up of the whole 'kill or be killed' thing- found it a bit stressful, but i loved being a ghost and exploring the vastness of the worlds
    i've got friends though who are hxc WoW-ers, and they seem to be doing fine


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