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Girl/guy you are dating has bad reputation?

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    Say if you started dating someone and people started "tut tuting" we you were together. And loads of people had really bad stories/pictures/videos about their sexual past.

    What would you do?
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    Talk to them about it.
    If it is THAT bad, would consider stopping dating, although when you get more serious that could be harder.
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    I had a terrible terrible reputation when I was at uni. Probably worse than you could ever imagine (though STD free thank god)
    I told my boyfriend the truth and he still loves me, wants to marry me and hasnt judged me. It's not necessarily the be all and end all. There are some men and some women that can look past that and have faith that I am happy with him and that he's the most special person ever.
    He's relatively inexperienced although he has had some alternative sexual experiences himself, so maybe it's just that he has an open mind when it comes to sexuality anyway. That's what it boils down to.

    EDIT: I havent committed any crimes btw....just had a whole lot of loving. A lotta lotta loving
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    I'd post the videos on the internet in order to let my online pals accurately assess the situation.
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    nothing, the past is the past as long as hes not doing said things while with me i dont care
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    (Original post by tinktinktinkerbell)
    nothing, the past is the past as long as hes not doing said things while with me i dont care
    i second this
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    Well my guy has a bad rep. He's been a bit of a manwhore. It does bother me at times, but I'm trying to overcome it.
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    she went to jail....turns out she was involved in drug trafficking ah well..alls well that ends well


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