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{HELP}nottingham vs bristol!!!

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    Nottingham V Bristol????

    Llm In International Commercial Law....

    Which One Should I Choose???

    Focus On International Sale Of Goods, International Trade Law.....

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    About the same - same career prospects, same prestige for law and in general, some quality of student. Depends on which one you want to go to socially and course content wise.
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    Bristol seems to be a nicer City, but would you prefer a campus? If so Nottingham.
    Really, only you can decide. Visit them again if you can, go where feels right!
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    I had the decision between Bristol and Nottingham too.
    I've decided to firm nottingham because it just felt right, I knew it was the place I wanted to go even before I got any offers
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    Definitely Bristol.
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    I had this same choice. I chose Nottingham because I wanted a campus university experience and Nottingham's campus is one of the best campuses you'll find. With Bristol there didn't seem to be much of a centre to it, just the impression I got. Both very well respected and nice unis so I doubt you can go wrong.
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    Bristol is amazing
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    Bristol...keep the space in Nottingham for the people that actually sure that they want to go there.

    Na, visit them both and see which suits you better.
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    Even on reputation on prospects. It really depends which one you like the feel of, and if you have a preference for a campus over a college university.
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    Bristol is a better university overall and is more respected in general however go where feels right!
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    Lol i'm proud of you guys staying objective

    I was thinking ' oooooh it's gonna be full of biased replies :p:'

    They're the same. So visit them and go with your gut
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    They're on the same sort of level reputation/career prospect wise. Bristol probably edges it nowadays with Notts dropping in rankings, but that wasnt the case a few years back, and the difference is certainly not enough to make it a factor when choosing. Therefore it comes down to which one you prefer, and which course is better. I rejected Bristol for Notts BTW, cos for me the campus environment, social life, and course seemed better. Visit both, really analyse their courses, and see which you think is better
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    thx everyone! i decide to visit both and feel which one i prefer...^^


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