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What would you say is an interesting fact about yourself?

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    Basically what the title says; What is an interesting fact about yourself?
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    I'm the only human who can pod race.
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    I can win connect 4...in 3 moves.
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    I'm a sex addict and I don't want help.
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    My fingers are double jointed...which came in useful in year 11 when I had the bleep test and I "fell" and "broke my fingers" :evil:
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    I am the mother of Stephen Fry.
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    I have been struck by lightning...
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    I have no arms and legs.
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    im a human
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    I speak 3 languages fluently. (sooo interesting :rolleyes:)
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    I am a member of TSR.
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    I've had the american police look for me!!! (true)
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    (Original post by polaroid13)
    Basically what the title says; What is an interesting fact about yourself?
    I'm great in bed.
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    I'm normal.
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    My birthmark is quite unusual. Sadly thats as interesting as I get on a night before a deadline, nothing else comes to mind atm
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    When I was 2 I flashed some old ladies at a bus stop. Not in a sexual way, that's just what you do when you're 2.
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    I once killed a man.
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    I can move my ears.
    I once electrocuted myself whilst changing a fuse in a lawnmower.
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    I live on a houseboat
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    I usually sleep with the duvet over most of my head :o:


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