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smoking weed seems to have no effect on me

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    this is just neutral- I'm not trying to promote cannabis use here- but I'm just curious if anyone else has had this experience..

    I've smoked weed on a fair few occasions since I was 14 (I'm now 19- I'm female) and I've never really got what all the fuss was about because it never really had much of an effect on me- it has on many people I know- my brother doesn't smoke it anymore because he started hallucinating. he said the more he smoked it, the more easily he got high.

    When I was younger I used to 'hotbox' with people at parties when I was already really drunk- and that definitely had an effect- it made me giggly and energetic and I used to just be even more off my face and get memory lapses.

    When I just smoke weed (usually not all that strong- I've tried hash too) it just barely has an effect- I feel slightly different but not much- even if I share 7-8 sliffs with one other person in a small room. people I'm with can tell whether or not I'm inhaling it properly and they tell me if I'm doing it right

    only one time- I got stoned and I felt the way people describe- finding random things amazing and laughing uncontrollably so it hurt

    I don't smoke weed by any means on a regular basis- hardly ever in fact, but I'm just wondering if the reason I don't understand what the fuss is about is because I happen to have a massively high tolerance?

    I'm quite light weight when it comes to alcohol...
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    Weed is a drug like any drug it can act differently and have different effect depending on the individuals body system.
    not everyone is the same you know.
    Maybe your body is able to deal with it but for others the effect is more apparent.
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    (Original post by Remarqable M)
    Weed is a drug like any drug can act differently in each person's body not everyone is the same you know,
    maybe your body is able to deal with it but for others the effect is more apparent.
    yeah I know...
    I guess I was just wondering if anyone else has the same experience as me..?
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    yeah- its never really had an effect on my either..
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    Are you sure you're doing it right? :mmm:
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    No effect = No point doing, thats what I thought when it did nothing
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    One word = Blunt
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    to add to the above post : BOOONNNG
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    i cant really help here...but um..coffee makes me sleepy
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    I smoked 30 secondsbefore i read this and its had an effect on me lol
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    I hope you still don't use regularly? There is a reason cannabis is an illegal drug, it contains 4 times more tar (cancerous material) than tobacco, and it is worse for your respirator system because it is smoked with no filter. "it has no effect on me" is a naive reason to continue, the effects of cannabis, just like smoking, aren't usually seen for many years, or until your lying on a
    hospital bed with lung cancer and chronic asthma/coughing fits.
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    well i think it just affects everyone different some people like you it doesn't affect very much but yesterday i was walking home and two girls came around the corner with massive spliffs, one of them was throwing up on the road so i gave them the tissue the barber had given me - anyway - yeah it might do nothing to you but some people like these girls it obviously didn't agree with them - i'm not gonna try it because i don't take the chance that it won't agree with me - i mean a lot of other factors might have changed what i saw yesterday - the strength of it - and also they didn't look very old - does this change things? - don't really care i'm not really interested in trying it

    and yeah alcohol and cigarettes are more dangerous etc

    basically i think it affects everyone differently

    (very self conscious that i should have used 'effect' not 'affect') :p:
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    thats what my friend says about it lol i think it just effects everyone differently
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    weed doesnt seem to have any effect on me. Ive smoked spliffs and held it, tried bongs, hash cakes, blow backs...pretty much everything. Swear i must just be immune to it


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