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RHUL's Urban Dictionary definition

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    The worst rat hole in the world. No seriously, i am not joking, it's bad, as in if you go there, and you like it, you're a ******* retard. Yes, I went there, yes i hated it, yes i hated the vast majority of people there, yes, they all thought i was joking when i said that i wanted to burn the whole ******* rat infested ******** down. Yes, i intend to do it one day. So, this is my definition of Royal Holloway, ******** of London. And the town, Egham, is just an extension of the inbred, wealthy-pikey infested, injection of smack into the anus, that is Royal Holloway.

    A non-contiguous province of the People's Republic of China spread across a small portion of northern Surrey, in close proximity to the town of Egham. Admission is granted only through failing foreign language tests or - for native Britons - possessing the requisite number of pairs of Jack Wills sweatpants for white applicants or having consumed fries at the Cranford takeaway establishment 'Rockies' on more than four occasions for those of a darker persuasion.

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    Urban dictionary is supposed to be some good humour...you're taking it seriously? :rolleyes:
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    (Original post by bigmo7)
    Urban dictionary is supposed to be some good humour...you're taking it seriously? :rolleyes:
    there's some truth in most definitions.
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    Queen Mary 36 up, 8 down love it hate it

    buy queen mary mugs, tshirts and magnets
    The coolest ******* university you could probably go to, if you're up for some hardcore partying, or just to simply study hard. Located in London, UK, and is part of the University of London.
    A: "I'm a fresher at Queen Mary doing Politics."
    B: "Wicked"

    A: "Happy Mondays at Drapers!"
    B: "Where??"
    C: "Queen Mary student union"

    I didn't write this, though obvs I do Politics. :teehee:
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    i went there, and i agree with those definitions completely.
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    Lol, Urban Dictionary is not to be taken seriously (for the most part).
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    (Original post by bansheeee*)
    i went there, and i agree with those definitions completely.
    Yeah you went here and droped out - what are the chances you'd be positive about the place? Pretty low.
    Oh and you hated royal holloway so much that you've still got a pic of you in your room there on your profile?
    Ps I see you've reached warning level 19 and got a temp ban...so clearly you aren't a very positive person about anything
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    (Original post by pugnacitas)

    Lmao.. The thing about the Chinese is particularly true. The rest not so much.
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    The first quote is certainly vicious. Didnt realise someone could hate Royal Holloway that much, you'd think it was London Met. Ha.
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    its actaully rocky's not rockies, but meh.


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