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Greggs Job Interview

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    Hi Guys, just wondered if anyone has any tips for my interview at Greggs on Wednesday. Am not really nervous, have had previous experience with working the general public and attended a few interviews over the last year (although didn't go very well). Any help would be much appreciated.


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    I went to a Greggs interview over a week ago. They ask you general questions (not particularly hard). Firstly,they want to know why you want to work for Greggs. Then they move onto other stuff. Like they want an example of where you worked as a team and what skills you needed...but then they go onto questions based on Greggs...like how you would greet a customer...how you would treat a new member of staff, how you think the manager should treat you. They also ask what things you think you will be doing at Greggs and ask about personal and food hygiene. It's not hard...but I didn't get the job (other people had more skills than me, despite the fact I have bakery experience...!).

    Good luck though!!!
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    I had an interview with greggs it went:

    Do you like sausage roles?

    And you put them in your mouth right?

    You're a gay fish.
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    (Original post by granty09)
    Hi Guys, just wondered if anyone has any tips for my interview at Greggs on Wednesday. Am not really nervous, have had previous experience with working the general public and attended a few interviews over the last year (although didn't go very well). Any help would be much appreciated.


    Do some basic research on the company, go on to their website and find out about internal promotions etc (even if you don't want to work there for long - if you can prove that you have researched stuff about a career in the company it will look good)

    Also - find out what their 'brand message' is, and repeat this in the interview

    Also, pop in for a pastie later today, pay attention to how you are served, and how the staff work together etc (a bit of undercover research)

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    They will ask you to bake a pasty in the interview, then Gregg will come and taste it, if it isn't up to scratch then you can only work on the sandwiches section.
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    I had an interview with them just over a year ago, it was pretty easy, they asked me 10 simple maths questions, you had a calculator to check aswell you had to get over 80% right i think but they were simple..

    they also asked me about what i would be willing to do including, making food and customer service examples and what is good customer service, to be honest i made a load of crap up and i got the job but i didnt take it as i had already been offered a job somewhere else.. hope it helps and good luck
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    Cheers Guys, it's only part time untill my applications goes off to the RAF. Will let you know how it goes
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    I posted this in a past thread on this subject:

    I worked at Greggs for two years, starting off as a general assistant but going up the chain to assistant manager, and I got to look at the interview questions (I even got to sit in an interview once, but that was a management one for the purpose to find my replacement, so isn't that relevant to you.) A few points you might find useful;

    - wear smart/casual - not suit and tie, but not jeans and trainers either.

    - I know it sounds obvious, but make sure you've washed your hair, have clean nails and have had a shower & used deodorant before you arrive at the interview, because on the interview sheets where they write down in note form your replies to the questions, there's a section where they have to put down whether or not you look clean & presentable and have good hygiene - if you don't, then they have to put it down, and it'll probably make your chance of getting the job less likely! Especially when you consider that bad personal hygiene doesn't go very well in a food environment in particular!

    - Greggs are very keen on their core values, and the whole interview is split into sections based on one or two at a time. These are; openness, honesty, fairness, respect, consideration, enthusiasm, supportiveness and being appreciative. Think to yourself what each of these mean to you (have a look on their website to get some help with this), and after you've been asked each question, think which of these values are relevant to it, and work them into your answer.

    - Some questions I'm pretty sure they will ask you (unless they've completely changed the interview procedure since a year ago, which I doubt) are (they may be worded slightly differently);

    * How would you expect to be treated by your manager? (with fairness, to have anything told to them in confidence to be kept to themselves, to be supportive if you come to them with problems, etc.)

    * What hygienic procedures do you think are necessary in a food environment? (washing hands, not touching food with your bare hands, not reheating food, wearing clean uniform, tying hair back, cleaning as you go, wearing closed-toe shoes, wearing aprons...)

    * How would your friends describe you? (Obviously I don't know you, but I do know that anything that fits in with the core values above is good , plus they are very, very keen on people who are flexible with their time, in particular, as well as punctual and reliable Being outgoing and good with people is good, too.)

    * Give me an example of a time when you worked with others as part of a team to get to a specific target/conclusion.

    - Remember that the interviewer is not 'out to get you' or trying to intimidate you - they genuinely want you to do well and will be doing their very best to put you at ease and put you in the best position you can be to answer their questions with confidence. They will help you as much as they are allowed, and if you look lost or unable to answer, you can ask them to rephrase the question.


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