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What are peoples on views on ....

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    i really like quicksilver bikinis but no way id pay their prices. id rather get a rip off from H&M or somewhere for 1/10 the price.
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    Thats ok then. Seems there isnt too many negative views on them. Its just that i seem to have quite a bit of it, particulary shorts and tee-shirts. I love the shorts, they are just right
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    I might buy some of the girly surf shorts for holiday, going to check out ebay first before i think about spending my entire savings fund on some ones from a shop.
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    I had an Animal t-shirt which was horrendously cute, but it went all weird after a couple of washes so I couldn't wear it again!
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    Used to wear all those brands when iw as 15. Am 18 now..
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    quality doesn't match the price, most people have grown out of it now
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    They look very good but are just too expensive. The only time I'll even go in the shop is if I can see there's a sale on from the outside. They do really nice clothes and I love their bikinis, but it's so overpriced there's just no point :rolleyes: I really don't know who can afford to shop there all the time!
Updated: August 11, 2005
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