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The Official "Who Are You?" Thread

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    I'm betting that nobody actually reads any of these but what the hell, prepare to be wowed.

    Screen Name: KieranScott

    Gender: Male

    Surname: Scott

    First Name: Kieran

    Birth Place: York

    Birth Date: 9th Jan 1992

    Age: 20

    Current Place of Residence: Blackpool

    Eye Colour: Brown

    Hair Colour: Brown

    Lefty loosey/Righty tighty: Righty tighty


    Year taken

    ICT: A
    RE: B
    Science: C
    Maths: C
    English: C

    BTEC Levels
    Year taken: 2009 - 2010
    ICT Practitioners: M/M/M

    Year taken: 2010 - 2012
    Graphic Design: D/D/D

    Universitie going to:
    1: University of Leeds


    Colour: Blue/Purple

    Sport: Running

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Lucozade Sport

    Alcoholic Drink: VODKA

    Football (Soccer) Team: Meh, Liverpool. Not really a football follower.

    School Subject: Graphics

    Holiday Destination: Austria

    Crisp Flavour: Sour cream & Onion Pringles

    Soap Opera: GTFO

    Movie: Scott Pilgrim vs the World

    General Interests
    Video games, Technology, Films and getting drunk

    I sometimes talk in memes, I'm no Hipster.
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    Screen Name: desiremyspite

    Gender: guess

    Age: 16

    Siblings (Names & Ages): 2

    Eye Colour: brown

    Hair Colour: black

    Lefty/Righty: righty

    wanted to keep it simple
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    Screen Name: HannahMortlock

    Gender: Female

    Surname: Mortlock

    First Name: Hannah

    Birth Place: Essex

    Birth Date: 20th April 1992

    Age: 20

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Portsmouth, Hampshire

    Siblings (Names & Ages): James, 17

    Eye Colour: Blue

    Hair Colour: Blonde

    Lefty/Righty: Righty


    KS3 SATS

    KS3 Maths: 7

    KS3 English: 6

    KS3 Science: 6


    Year taken: 2008

    2 A*'s, 5 A's, the rest B's.

    AS Levels


    Universities Applied to:
    1: Portsmouth
    2: Nottingham Trent
    3: Chester
    4: Winchester
    5: London Met

    Current University, End Outcome (BA, BSc, MMath etc), Year and Course: Portsmouth, second year, journalism and media


    Colour: Pink or purple... or blue

    Sport: Football and horse racing

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Tea

    Alcoholic Drink: Rose or malibu

    Football (Soccer) Team: Ipswich Town

    School Subject: Geography

    Holiday Destination: Venice, Italy

    Crisp Flavour: Salt and vinegar

    Soap Opera: Corrie

    Movie: Way too many to choose from!
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    Screen Name: FemaleEinstein

    Gender: F

    First Name: Sophie

    Birth Place: Manchester

    Birth Date: 18th February

    Age: 16

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Outskirts of Manchester

    Eye Colour: Blue

    Hair Colour: Brown

    Lefty/Righty: Righty



    Maths - A*
    English Language
    English Literature
    Textiles - A*
    German - B
    Citizenship - A*
    ICT - A*
    Business Studies

    Year taken: 2010, 2011, 2012


    Colour: Pink? I don't know really!

    Sport: I like to run..

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Orange Juice

    Alcoholic Drink: Vodka&Coke

    Football (Soccer) Team: MUFC

    School Subject: Art

    Holiday Destination: Anywhere hot!

    Crisp Flavour: Cheese and Onion

    Soap Opera: Coronation Street

    Movie: The Notebook

    General Interests & Aspirations

    Hmm.. I'm going to say what you're not mean to say.. Free spirit with little/no plan.
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    hello everyone......
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    Screen Name: Millroy93

    Gender: Female

    Surname: Miller

    First Name: Loz

    Birth Place: Birmingham

    Birth Date: 2nd October 1993

    Age: 18

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Birmingham

    Eye Colour: Blue

    Hair Colour: Blonde

    Lefty/Righty: Righty


    AS Levels
    Year taken: 2011
    [Sociology]: [D]
    [Film Studies]: [C]
    [Photography]: [C]
    [Psychology]: [U] hehe

    Year taken: 2012

    [subject1]: [grade1]
    [subject2]: [grade2]
    [subject3]: [grade3]

    Universities Applied to:
    1: Leeds Met
    2: Bournemouth
    3: Manchester Met
    4: Bristol UWE
    5: Nottingham Trent

    Current University, End Outcome (BA, BSc, MMath etc), Year and Course:


    Colour: White

    Sport: Football

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Fanta lemon

    Alcoholic Drink: Amaretto & cranberry or black cider

    Football (Soccer) Team: BCFC

    School Subject: Art

    Holiday Destination: Barbados

    Crisp Flavour: Prawn coctail

    Soap Opera: Eastenders

    Movie: Fight club/ sliding doors/ superbad
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    Screen Name: ryuusei18, it means "meteor" in Japanese, plus a seemingly random number

    Gender: Female

    First Name: Nadiah

    Birth Place: Kuantan, Malaysia

    Birth Date: 19/07/94

    Current Place of Residence: Kuantan, Malaysia

    Eye Colour: Dark brown

    Lefty/Righty: Left all the way



    I took the Malaysian Certificate of Education, a GCSE equivalent, at the end of 2011...and this is how I fared.

    • Malay language, A+
    • English language, A+
    • Arabic language, A+
    • maths, A+
    • additional maths, A+
    • history, A+
    • Islamic studies, A+
    • physics, A+
    • chemistry, A+
    • biology, A

    Now you know I'm a Muslim. Don't worry, Malaysian Muslims are all right.



    Colour: anything, really, as long as there's harmony in the colours. Black and white do get special mention, though. We have a white kitten named Shirou at home

    Sport: Formula One

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: sky juice, tea, hot chocolate

    School Subject: biology, chemistry, English


    General Interests & Aspirations

    I like reading books, listening to music, F1, watching certain anime series and doing the occasional anime-style artwork. Basically I can be interested in anything if given enough stimuli, so long as it's within the confines of my moral/religious/personal code.

    I would love to study in the UK one day, pursuing a degree in biomedical science or related courses. I'll return to Malaysia to work as a medical research scientist, specialising in rare diseases and conditions.
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    Screen Name: Typo_knig

    Gender: Male

    Surname: Graham

    First Name: David

    Birth Place: Glasgow

    Birth Date: 16 12 1992

    Age: 19

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Chelmsford, Essex

    Siblings (Names & Ages):

    Eye Colour: Blue

    Hair Colour: Brown

    Lefty/Righty: Righty
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    Hello! Kat'spyjamas here.
    Likes; ART, MUSIC, Astronomy, quantum physics, dogs, children. Oh and talking and having a laugh.
    Female, 58
    Dislikes; War , lies, cruelty, injustice.
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    Screen Name: Bohedie

    Gender: Female

    Surname: Kerr

    First Name: Bohe

    Birth Place: Aylesbury

    Birth Date: 10/03/1993

    Age: 19

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Leeds

    Siblings (Names & Ages): Matthew (23), Josh (16)

    Eye Colour: bluey, greeny, grey

    Hair Colour: Browwwn

    Lefty/Righty: righty


    Colour: purple

    Sport: badminton

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: cloudy lemonade

    Alcoholic Drink: mojito

    Football (Soccer) Team: n/a

    School Subject: arrrt

    Holiday Destination: Bandos, the Maldives

    Crisp Flavour: salt and vinegar

    Soap Opera: n/a

    Movie: Marie Antoinette
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    Screen Name: NicoleWatts
    Gender: Female
    Surname: Watts
    First Name: Nicole
    Birth Place: Norwich
    Birth Date: 17th Jan
    Age: 17
    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Norwich
    Siblings: 4 Sisters
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Hair Colour: Brown
    Lefty/Righty: Righty
    KS3 SATS
    KS3 Maths: 8
    KS3 English: 7
    KS3 Science: 7
    Drama - A
    English Language - A
    English Literature - A
    French - A
    Geography - A
    ICT (AS level) - B
    Mathematics - A*
    Religious Education - A*
    Science - A
    Add Science - A*
    Statistics - A

    AS Levels
    Critical Thinking


    Colour: Green
    Sport: Basketball/Rounders
    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Dr Pepper
    Football (Soccer) Team: None
    School Subject: Maths
    Holiday Destination: Somewhere warm
    Crisp Flavour: Salt & Vinegar
    Soap Opera: Eastenders
    Movie: Superheros etc.
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    Screen Name:



    First Name:

    Birth Place:

    Birth Date:


    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too):

    Siblings (Names & Ages):

    Eye Colour:

    Hair Colour:



    The National School - 2005 to 2010 - GCSEs

    Music - C
    Biology - B
    Physics - B
    Chemistry - C
    D&T - D
    Drama - B
    English Language - B
    English Literature - A
    French - C
    Maths - B
    Statistics - C
    RE - C
    ICT - Pass

    Bilborough College - AS & A Levels

    Media - TBA
    Drama- TBA
    English Literature - TBA

    Universities Applied to - received offers from all - (in order of preference):
    1: York St John
    2: Lincoln
    3: Sheffield Hallam
    4: Nottingham Trent
    5: Bedfordshire




    Non-Alcoholic Drink:
    Diet cherry coke

    Alcoholic Drink:
    Disaronno and coke

    Football (Soccer) Team:

    School Subject:

    Holiday Destination:

    Crisp Flavour:
    Salt & Vinegar

    Soap Opera:

    oooooh erm! The Artist

    General Interests & Aspirations

    I act a lot in my spare time and have been in many productions. However, I am doing a film and television production degree as I would like to be a producer.
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    Screen Name: nataliekwong
    Gender: Female
    Surname: Wong
    First Name: Natalie
    Birth Place: London
    Birth Date: January xD
    Age: 16
    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): London, UK
    Siblings: NONE xD
    Eye Colour: Brown
    Hair Colour: Black
    Lefty/Righty: Lefty
    KS3 SATS
    KS3 Maths: Didn't do them
    KS3 English: Didn't do them
    KS3 Science: Didn't do them
    English Language B
    Graphics A*
    Chinese A*
    ICT A*A(Distinction/whatever it is)
    Maths A*
    Religious Studies A*
    Predicted:A*/A in English lit, Bio, Chem, Physics, Textiles, Business, History
    Does: Further Maths AQA thingy


    Colour: Red
    Sport: Netball/Swimming
    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Tango
    Football (Soccer) Team: None
    School Subject: Design Tech and maths
    Holiday Destination: Countryside!
    Crisp Flavour: Ready Salted
    Soap Opera: Greys Anatomy
    Movie: The Transporter 2...because I've watched it a million times.

    General Interests:
    Music and Watching Greys Anatomy - LOL.
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    Screen Name: Audhild

    Gender: Femal

    Surname: Bergsagel

    First Name: Audhild

    Birth Place: Stavanger, Norway

    Birth Date: 06.july 1992

    Age: 19

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Stavanger, Norway

    Siblings (Names & Ages): Irene, 17 and Erling, 12

    Eye Colour: Hazel

    Hair Colour: Brown

    Lefty/Righty: Righty

    Universities Applied to:
    1: Birmingham City University
    2niversity of Birmingham

    Current University, End Outcome (BA, BSc, MMath etc), Year and Course: University of Stavanger, BA Law


    Colour: Green

    Sport: Handball and Football

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Pepsi Max

    Alcoholic Drink: Anything in a shot-glass

    Football (Soccer) Team: Viking (Norwegian Team)

    School Subject: Math and English

    Holiday Destination: Some place warm

    Crisp Flavour: Salted

    Soap Opera: Gilmore Girls

    Movie: Changes day by day

    General Interests & Aspirations

    I like listening to music, draw and spendning time with my friends. Currently study law at the University of Stavanger(Norway), but I'm starting on a BA in Business Studies at Birmingham City University in September 2012!
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    (Original post by press2play)

    Birth Date: 11th September (1985), no comments pls I've heard them all!

    Age: 18

    you are 18 yet born 1985???
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    Screen Name: AivarasK

    Gender: male

    Surname: Kivilius

    First Name: Aivaras

    Birth Place: Lithuania

    Birth Date: 1993 03 31

    Age: 19

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Lithuania

    Siblings (Names & Ages): Living with parents... (Yeah, FML)

    Eye Colour: blue/grey

    Hair Colour: dark brown

    Lefty/Righty: Undecided.


    I was studying in Lithuania, so our system is not like the template, but last two years I was on A level in:
    Subject Grade ( form 10) exam (percentage)
    Mathematics 9 94%
    Physics 10 98%
    English 8 74%
    IT 10 100%

    Universities Applied to:
    1: Dundee, Applied Computing BSc
    2: Dundee, Electronic and Electrical Engineering BEng

    Undecided yet.


    Colour: Black.

    Sport: I'm not into sports really.

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Tea & Coffee addict.

    Alcoholic Drink: Dark Bear. Bohemia Regent dark lager, Volfas Engelmant Porter, Guinness.

    Football (Soccer) Team: Well, as I said I'm not into sports so I really don't have my favourite team.

    School Subject: Physics, Mathematics. Also I like IT, but the course was a huge disappointment..

    Holiday Destination: What ever new works.

    Crisp Flavour: pringles the original

    Soap Opera: Don't watch at all.

    Movie: The Prestige, V for Vendetta.
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    (Original post by tvirtue1)
    you are 18 yet born 1985???
    He or she is 18 with 9 years experience. :cool:
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    Hello, I thought I would make a formal introduction... a year too late.

    Screen Name: Punctuation, but only on TSR

    Gender: Female

    First Name: Julie

    Birth Place: Toronto!

    Birth Date: July 26

    Age: 16

    Current Place of Residence: Near Toronto, Canada

    Siblings (Names & Ages): N/A

    Eye Colour: Dark brown

    Hair Colour: Dark brown

    Lefty/Righty: Righty


    Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)

    Current University, End Outcome (BA, BSc, MMath etc), Year and Course:

    In five months... University of Bristol, BSc Psychology and Philosophy, Class of 2015!


    Colour: Turquoise

    Sport: Skiing

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Tea?

    School Subject: German, English and related subjects, Philosophy

    Holiday Destination: Hmm, Europe in general?

    Crisp Flavour: I just finished Sour Cream and Onion.

    Movie: In the Loop!
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    Screen Name: Delain.

    Gender: Female.

    First Name: Kayleigh (I prefer Kay).

    Birth Place: Stoke-on-Trent.

    Birth Date: 16th September.

    Age: 26.

    Current Place of Residence: Stoke-on-Trent.

    Eye Colour: Green.

    Hair Colour: Red (as in red, not ginger).

    Lefty/Righty: Righty.



    Maths - C
    English Language - C
    English Literature - B
    Science - C
    History - A

    NVQ Entry Level Hairdressing - Pass


    Law - C
    Psychology - C
    General Studies - C


    University Diploma of Higher Education (Forensic Science) - Pass.


    Colour: Teal.

    Sport: Yoga.

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Sprite.

    Alcoholic Drink: Southern Comfort and Coke.

    School Subject: Biology, English, French and History.

    Holiday Destination: Japan, also most cities in Europe.

    Crisp Flavour: Cheese & Onion, Ready Salted or Sour Cream & Onion Pringles.

    Movie: Memoirs of a Geisha, House of Flying Daggers, Phantom of the Opera.

    General Interests & Aspirations: To get my Degree, to travel more, to get married and to find a career I love.
  20. Offline


    Screen Name: elliebichard

    Gender: female

    First Name: ellie

    Birth Place: Poole

    Birth Date: 1st october

    Age: 17

    Current Place of Residence: Bournemouth

    Eye Colour: Blue

    Hair Colour: light brown

    Lefty/Righty: Lefty


    KS3 SATS

    KS3 Maths: 8

    KS3 English: 7

    KS3 Science: 7


    Year taken 2011

    Maths: B
    English: B
    English Literature: A
    Chemistry: A
    Physics: B
    ICT: A
    French: F
    Geography: B
    Art: B
    History: A*
    Ethical studies (short course): A
    Statistics: A
    Business and Communication Systems: C

    AS Levels
    Year taken: now
    (Predicted grade)
    Biology: A
    History: B
    Maths: C
    Chemistry: C



    Sport: cycling

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Lemonade

    School Subject: Biology

    Crisp Flavour: Cheese and onion

    Soap Opera: dont watch them

    Movie: the hunger games (at the moment)

    Tv show: The Vampire Diaries

    General Interests & Aspirations: to get a degree in marine biology and travel the world
Updated: September 12, 2013
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