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    (Original post by kyle_y)
    Anybody here got Erykah Badu's new album New Amerykah Part 2: Return of the Ankh? Came out Monday. Heard a bit during the first part of Gilles Peterson's show and it sounds great! Gnna try and get it first thing tomorrow on Amazon.

    Also, I heard Jill Scott is no longer signed to Hidden Beach after they fell out (with court case and all that). So with this along with her divorce, new found man, her expected child and her acting career which is taking off, does anyone know whenabouts she's likely/expected to release a new album?
    Jill Scott's new album is coming out in the US around June or sometime like that so expect it somewhere near this time frame when it might drop in the UK. The title of the new album will be "Light of the Sun."
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    Got to keep this society up and running...

    90s R&B

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    Can't find any youtube vids of these but some of my favourite Amp Fiddler tracks are:
    - Crazy Day (with Sly & Robbie)
    - Soul Divine
    - Possibilties
    - Changes (with Sly & Robbie)
    - Faith
    - Find A Way
    - Dreamin'
    - This Is How

    EDIT: My attempt to embed youtube videos failed :rolleyes: so I'll just leave the links up LOL
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    thank god for sampling and Ms. Fat Booty.

    Also Tweet is a milf :perv:
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    (Original post by AliciaJ703)

    Two of my favourite songs at the moment. Although I'm only really liking the first part of the Erykah song.
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    (Original post by kyle_y)
    Two of my favourite songs at the moment. Although I'm only really liking the first part of the Erykah song.

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    Ruben is Back!

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    Fanmade but so beautiful

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Updated: June 20, 2014
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