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Where can I buy Campinos?

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    I've been totally craving those hard-boiled, circular, strawberry and cream sweets called Campinos. I haven't seen them anywhere and wondering if they are still sold? Or if they've been discontinued... I can't seem to find them anywhere online either
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    took 11 seconds of googling. really.
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    try the 90s, zing
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    (Original post by lodzinski)

    took 11 seconds of googling. really.
    They aren't available any more there.

    took 2 seconds of reading. really. I know how to use google, that is why I'm asking on here. :rolleyes:
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    I choked on a Campino once. D;
    They're evil. Don't get them. xD
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    (Original post by lodzinski)

    took 11 seconds of googling. really.
    Out of stock, apparantly.

    Ah, Campinos- I was never entirely sure whether I liked them, would've liked the opportunity to make a mature decision but maybe it's not to be..
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    campinos made my travel sickness worse..........and i seem to remember them being sharp if you tried to chew them lol
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    they are still made by storck, but not sure if they are retailed in the UK any more.
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    Hehe I loved them so much, they were like so sickly sweet and delicious. I really want to find them again... I guess if they are still made by Storck they must be on the internet somewhere...
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    I saw them in a service station recently.
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    Aldi have a similar version.
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    Oh yeah I remember taking a bag on my year 6 school trip and I had some on the aeroplane and then they made me feel sick! The first one was really nice and then by the 2nd sweet they were yuck! Didnt they do an ornage flavour as well - they were ranlk.
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    You don't get them in the big supermarket chains anymore, I don't know why ... but small, local corner shops still do them
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    ahh i forgot these existed! used to love them


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Updated: July 16, 2011
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