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Post pictures of your dorm room!

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    (Original post by llacerta)
    Unfortunately not- I'd actually really like to see some myself, as I'm living there next year! But pictures of Reid seem to be difficult to find on the internet, haha. I might be popping into a friend's room before the end of this term as he lives in Reid, so if he lets me take a few photos and put them up here, then I shall do so.
    Awesome thanks hopefully ill be at RHUL this year
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    Any pictures of Belmont or Heathfield in Dundee?
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    (Original post by inspiration91)
    That looks amazing, especially for that price! Why on earth is the rent so low?? :O
    is that in japan or the uk?
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    (Original post by Remarqable M)
    you must be joking! I envy you my friend You want to swap?
    Whuuuuuuuuuuut where is this? .
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    (Original post by Hooby)
    Pleaseee can someone put something up for University of Birmingham, I have asked a few times already and I can't find any!!
    My own pictures are of Maple bank room- they're not amazing, as I can't show the whole room as I broke my wardrobe door so it won't shut . My pics don't do the room justice, it's nicer than it looks here. This link will show you virtual tours of a room in each hall when you click on the link for the student village.
    Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	DSC00219.jpg 
Views:	576 
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ID:	137474   Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC00220.jpg 
Views:	509 
Size:	424.9 KB 
ID:	137475   Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC00221.jpg 
Views:	484 
Size:	452.8 KB 
ID:	137476  
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    (Original post by llamatastic)
    I decided to switch to an en-suite, because having my own bathroom was way too tempting. Here's some pictures from Constantine Court, here at Salford. The room chape makes it difficult to take pictures, hence the odd angles.

    The en-suite is extremely difficult to take a good photo of, so here's a picture of the en-suite door:

    old and late post but.. KK Slider ^_^.
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    Hello Does anyone have any of 'City Residence' at York St Johns? Thankyou x
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    Here's my room at The Hub in Dundee. Worth noting that all of the rooms are identical, except the larger ones - this is the normal size. If anyone wants me to I can go and take photos of our kitchen/living room aswell Photos are pretty big!


    As you first walk in, my en-suite is to the left.

    Desk area.

    Looking back towards the door.

    Shelves above the desk on the left.

    Shelves on the right.

    En-suite as you walk in, I use that shelf unit to keep my underwear and pyjamas in, as my wardrobe is full of clothes. There is a drawer and a cupboard on the right hand side of the desk but I use them for stationery, etc.


    And the other side, I was standing in the shower here, haha.
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    hi can someone post a photo of either oscott gardens or the coppice at bcu please
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    Anyone got some pics of Nottingham?
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    Anyone got Nottingham, Lenton & Wortley, private shared pic?
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    Bournemouth. Please
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    are there any pictures of Moonraker point somewhere?

    Do any of you have pics of College Hall London?
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    (Original post by VGiugo)
    Bournemouth. Please
    Which one? There's a picture upthread somewhere (might look for it if I'm bored later) from an Edinburgh (I think) halls which is identical to Corfe House and Purbeck House.
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    Anybody got any photos of university of derby? I'm staying in sir peter Hilton court
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    (Original post by nick369)
    Anyone got some pics of Nottingham?
    Shared en-suite room, Hugh Stewart Hall
    Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	IMG00352-20120304-1237.jpg 
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ID:	141407   Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG00354-20120304-1238.jpg 
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Name:	IMG00355-20120304-1238.jpg 
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Name:	IMG00356-20120304-1240.jpg 
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Name:	IMG00359-20120304-1250.jpg 
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Name:	IMG00360-20120304-1250.jpg 
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ID:	141412  

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG00361-20120304-1251.jpg 
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Size:	209.7 KB 
ID:	141413  
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    (Original post by Jess6893)
    Shared en-suite room, Hugh Stewart Hall
    I love the writing on the wall in the second pic is it some sort of sticker?
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    (Original post by Jess6893)
    Shared en-suite room, Hugh Stewart Hall
    I love the lyrics on the wall too - it's one of my favourite songs Are they stickers and if so, where did you get them?!
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    (Original post by Jess6893)
    Shared en-suite room, Hugh Stewart Hall
    "Fire escape: Keep clear!" - with a mirror leant against it and bottles blocking its use. Love it.

    And again, loving the wall art.
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    Has anyone got photos of Norfolk/Suffolk terrace for UEA??

    I've been inside them but forgot about the layout!



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