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how to get laid

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    Reading the thread how many people have you slept with made me quite depressed. As a 23 year old I have only screwed one woman. I never go out and this is partly to blame but sometimes I think women just don't like me and its really annoying as I am now a grown adult. I'm using someone else's account (genuinely) but still posting as anonymous because I want to be judged anonymously. I don't feel I am living life to the full because of this but I never meet anyone so I dunno if that is the cause. How do you meet girls with sex in mind especially to all those who have screwed a lot of people?
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    Obviously not getting out is going to reduce your chances to almost nil! Looking for someone to "screw" is also going to cut down the numbers who are going to be interested.

    What do you have to offer? There is not exactly a shortage of men interested in casual sex, so if you want to be picked, you have to stand out somehow.

    (Hmm, is the previous comment someone/thing trying to build up a posting record before spamming?)
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    Brothel or sex website. Or make friends and if a butterface or fat girls fancies you and you don't fancy her, you can just offer sex.
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    (Original post by ozzyoscy)
    Brothel or sex website. Or make friends and if a butterface or fat girls fancies you and you don't fancy her, you can just offer sex.
    The perfect predicament.

    I know the feeling, although I am 19 so not quite as old, I don't go out much but the last time I went clubbing a guy at the bar went to go for it.. could have easily ended in a shag! Maybe try going clubbing a bit more? drunk girls?!
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    Clubbing is the best and easiest way.
    Or if desperate join a dating website, or just go on the prowl and become some kind of weird sexual predator who never actually gets any. Lol.

    Maybe if you stop viewing girls as a "screw" or a "shag" and start seeing them as actual people, then they will want to be associated with you - you are never going to get more intimate with them unless you show some respect for her and yourself.

    I don't believe some people here are actually suggesting taking advantage of a girl who is drunk or fat!! omg that is just desperation in its lowest form to 1) actually think if you offer it up to a "fat" girl, she is going to leap on you because she is emotionally unstable or something, when in fact she is probably normal sized and you are so obsessed with today's pop culture of skinny, unhappy girls who throw up their lunch just to look that way that you can't see she may be content and confident in her body? and 2) to go searching for a girl who has lost her inhibitions and is probably vulnerable just because you can't show a little respect for others who would probably like to get to know you on a personal level, and might consider you friend/bf material.

    These girls or any other girls for that matter are never going to want to be anywhere near if you keep treating them this way

    Go home and grow a pair.
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    What he said ^^
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    Become the sort of person people want to sleep with. Desperatly looking to 'screw a woman' doesnt put you in this catagory.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Rant rant rant


    Go home and grow a pair.
    Big talk for someone abusing the anon feature so they can't get neg repped or have any negative replies directed at them.
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    Cba to write advice now. Consult me later.
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    Actually screw it, just go find an escort service.
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    Make yourself look presentable and make sure you have the right personality and look presentable.

    Make yourself seem as appealing as possible then when you go clubbing I'm sure you'll find someone.


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