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What's the One Thing they don't tell you to pack...

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AQA GCSE physics P1 unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    (Original post by kerily)
    Top tip: there is no need to bring washing up liquid. Everyone on my corridor brought washing up liquid, and now we have 8 different varieties for 8 of us. People laugh when they come into our kitchen :teehee:
    We all forgot to bring some, so there's a constant shortage in our flat.
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    Can openers, cake tins (there'll always be a time someone wants to bake!), doorstops - though you might end up hiding them if the kitchen door is propped open, and you get woken up every night by people having a 3am curry following a night out :p:
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    Even if you have shared bathrooms, bring your own toilet roll. There will be times when the cleaners havent been around for a few days and the flat is running low!
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    5X Times more cutlery than you ever bring. You soon correlate results to conclude during block parties that the local drunks are more interested in mass manufactured cutlery than some perfectly good bags of monster munch
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    subscribe! read to page 9 xx
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    Sounds tame compared to other ideas, but why not remember to bring a fairly good selection of your favourite books? Nights when flatmates are out/ill/when you need to queue for ages or go on long journeys, or even just to chill out with when you come home.
    University libraries will have good collections, but you can't beat your favourite well loved dog-eared paperbacks.
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    What things do you need for uni e.g. Pans etc

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    I'd recommend tinned fruit and frozen perishables.
    That way, they don't go out of date if you don't fancy eating 5 bananas in 3 days or 200g chicken per week...!
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    cellotape, scissors and a small sewing kit.
    SO useful. I've used mine countless times.
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    Duct tape, womans wig and ladies underwear... (don't ask) :rofl:
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    Air freshener.
    Drawing Pins
    Costumes for dress up parties LOL.
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    A copy of FIFA. It's essential in any university halls.
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    Coat hangers. Most uni's don't provide them so be sure to take plenty, unless you like a floordrobe.
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    Plug adapter for electric shavers and toothbrushes (if you use one). There won't be a standard 2-pin shaver socket in the bathrooms usually, so you'll need an adaptor for a standard UK plug.
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    Not at uni yet, but duct tape. You will be amazed at how many problems can be fixed/caused with this magnificent adhesive.
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    what sort of fancy dress do people take? :/
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    (Original post by Sophiemaybabe)
    what sort of fancy dress do people take? :/
    I wouldn't say there's much point in taking anything, not really worth it as there's too many themes that could come up. It's easy enough to put something together while you're there.
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    (Original post by Sophiemaybabe)
    what sort of fancy dress do people take? :/
    Just take anything you currently have which could be used, whether that's full fancy dress costumes you have from previous fancy dress parties, your school uniform for school-themed fancy dress or just any accessories you have like bunny ears or devil horns.

    When it gets closer to going your university union will probably publish the Freshers' events online and you can check for specific themes for then to buy for if needed, but after that just buy/make as the themes come up.
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    (Original post by Sophiemaybabe)
    what sort of fancy dress do people take? :/
    Go to your nearest primark and by a onesy. Usually they vary which ones they sell depending on the latest student craze.

    Failing that, Hi Vis paint is a must


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