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What's the One Thing they don't tell you to pack...

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    food dont rly wanna go shopping first day after all
    and a safe is probably a good dea
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    Notepads for those little times you hear a quote or something
    Plain paper for doodlez/art
    Postcards/posters for decoration
    extra USB cables if you're taking a camera - they go missing very easily
    A pen/cil pot for your desk
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    Money. Pens. Paper. Interesting books. Storage. Food. Beer.
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    A Letter Writing Set - an extra channel of communication between you and friends and family, to take you back to the time before texting and emailing, and to give you something to look forward to in the post.

    Dry Shampoo - a lifesaver after a late night out or a lazy day.
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    Ditto to most of the previous replies of which I may repeat:

    *Slippers - You do not want to be walking aorund barefoot...
    *Earplugs - Sometimesit is really nice to just sleep without be woken up
    *Fancy Dress / face paints / old clothes - You will NEED them
    *Blue Tac - To stick up all those useless posters you collect at freshers fair
    *Tin Opener / Bread Knife / Corkscrew - Amazing how you just don't think to get them
    *Plastic containers - if you're self catered to freeze left over food
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    (Original post by TribeSpirit)
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    Sex toys?
    Especially if youre leaving your other half at home :yep:
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    (Original post by MHorman)
    Lol, this isn't my idea, i read it somewhere...
    I'm doing the same thing atm, starting to wodner what stuff i will need...

    Item: A Traffic Cone

    Reason: An interesting Conversation Starter


    incredibly cliché and will probably make u look like bit of a tool
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    A sense of humour.
    The ability to drink and realise when enough is enough.
    About 8 pairs of pumps to go out in, because they will get ruined.
    A deck of cards.
    A spare, cheap mobile phone, because you will loose yours.
    A scented candle or two, because if you invite someone round, and your flatmates smell, your room wont.
    A spare blanket/duvet.
    A few cheap tins, rice pudding is a particular favourite of mine.
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    - Coat-hangers.

    - Blu-tac

    - Glasses to drink out of - pint and wine

    - flip-flops/slippers for casual walking

    - washing tabs/powder

    - lemsip
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    As much money as you can possibly get your hands on. And then some.
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    Instead of slippers there's slipper-socks

    Instead of a candle, go the safer way and use joss/incense sticks instead
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    (Original post by ziik)
    i sent my older sister to uni with a mixed bag of them haha!! i was only 15
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    A tool kit for when the sink starts leaking and the maintenance staff don't fix it after six weeks and five complaints.

    Kitchen scales, it turns out that estimating how much pasta/rice to cook is very difficult!
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    (Original post by Kittykatkat)
    Your school uniform (really!).
    Yep, definitely, you'll be surprised the number of school dress up nights there are!

    Something to put dirty laundry in that is also portable so you can take it to the laundry room.

    Small change - go to the bank and get £10 worth of 50ps, of 20ps, and of pound coins. 50ps are like golddust at my uni!

    A lamp. Useful even if you are provided with one, then you can have one for your desk and one for near your bed. The main lights aren't often particularly bright.

    Squash - in case you're coming from a hardwater place to softwater or vice versa and don't like the taste!

    Mugs. Spare cups, plates, bowls, and cutlery - enough for 2-4 people - even if you are catered. Disposable cups are v. useful if you have people round for pre-drinks and you can get about 50 from a £1 shop. Also a small saucepan and a wooden spoon might be good for making pasta. And of course - washing up liquid, tea towel and dishcloth.
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    I'm going to take a mat/rug for my bathroom floor There's nothing worse than having to be carried out naked in front of all your flatmates after getting out of the shower, slipping and smashing your head on the toilet. Yes, I'm a hypochondriac and those bathrooms are so small
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    (Original post by notanumber)
    4 things -
    1) loads of coathangers and extra hooks over the door for all the fancy dress rubbish you accumulate
    2) a plastic draining board in the kitchen to avoid (some of) the arguments about washing and drying up not being done
    3) a plastic dryer/airer - that achieves 2 things - extra money for alcohol if you don't pay to dry your clothes and a lovely damp room
    4) at least £1000 more than you think you could possibly ever ever need
    Not true at all, just learn to spend money more wisely and you can get by just fine
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    Post-its!! Just thought of that.
    Bedtime material.
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