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Girls- Your favourite physique on a guy

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    Muscular. The 4th pic.

    EDIT: The 5th pic (muscular/ripped) is hot too.
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    Rugby guys.. :perv: :ahee: :coma: phwoaar.

    but skinny fat guy made me lol majorly
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    From the 1st post, skinny & athletic = :sogood:
    skinny fat & muscular, I'm indifferent, and i find the rest gross :yucky:
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    (Original post by 9MmBulletz)
    I'm not arguing whether or not women are attracted to other factors, which I am fully aware that they are. I'm merely arguing that if you have 3/4 guys of different build, considering all other factors are equal, most women would go for a bulky/well built man over scrawny ass/ "average" men.
    I'm not convinced haha
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    I like slim guys, but I like it best when they are toned with some muscle. I'm not a massive muscle fan though, so definitely not heaps!!
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    I'd re-name skinny as "slim and toned", but he has my favourite body type.

    The one labeled "muscular" is pretty fit, but not what I would normally go for.
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    (Original post by smith197)
    Inspired by the girl chubby/curvy thread. What's your favourite physique on a guy, imagining face,personality etc. are all the same.


    Skinny Fat




    Very Muscular Ripped

    Where's fatty?
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    I like guys with moobs.
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    (Original post by Captshiznit)
    LOL AT ZYZZ pic... guy posts on bb.com misc brah
    zyzz is my hero
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    I like the athletic, muscular and bulky ones myself :p:
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    I'm liking the athletic one but I don't have anything against the rest.
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    (Original post by thesalamander123)
    Where's fatty?
    yep yep, i feel it is in order for a fatty one to be included :yep:
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    (Original post by SugaSuga)
    mmmmm :love: I love his face features and body
    Abercombie and Fitch models always look so yummy! :love:
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    (Original post by Impreza18)
    Athletic would look more athletic with a bout a stone of fat lost, and half a stone of muscle added on the chest at least.
    aw, poor OP
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    So if you can have a body type described as "Rugby player" (which many girls here seems to favor) do you think there can also be a type to describe Bouncers? Would anyone think maybe a way to describe them is also bulky? Thats kind of what I have in mind as an attractive male body type. Of course due to heredity, lifestyle, and nutrition habits, I would think not all athletic (or any of the types listed) would all be quite the same exactly. One guy might find it much easier to bulk up then the next maybe because his father was also a very big guy, just as an example. Something like this might cause two athletics guys to still have slightly different arm widths. Of course I know the OP did just post those pictures as rough examples of each body type.
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    inbetween athletic and muscular i think
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    I feel so demoralised reading this thread..
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    (Original post by thesalamander123)
    Where's fatty?
    I think it was (wrongly) presumed that fatty had no chance of being chosen by any girl.
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    (Original post by QwentyJ)
    Where's the option for average body? Which I seem to possess?
    And you likely have a very nice average body! I tend to describe myself as that too.

    But yes, average should have been an option as well but I would think average would be different for everyone, male or female, and on things like genetics and eating habits, height and maybe weight too.
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    (Original post by sbarrie2)
    I think it was (wrongly) presumed that fatty had no chance of being chosen by any girl.
    Yeah, loads of fatties have girlfriends, such as.... erm. :L
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