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    Announces its arrival
    It whistles. It moans
    But it means no harm
    It hurts unintentionally
    Our blood freezes
    And the bones of the old crack
    We are without protection
    Without umbrellas
    Without raincoats
    And sorrow runs deeper
    Than they’ll ever know
    But not as deep as yours though

    A winter funeral
    Tear ducts do their work
    Hands lean on shoulders
    And grief mingles with
    That damned rain
    Will it ever stop?
    Then laughter is liberated
    All smiles unleashed
    For we are off to the wake
    Where we’ll feast,
    Drink and remember and I’m sure
    That your laughter will be
    The loudest and most raucous of all

    [An Antidote to Dirges
    Ever been to an Irish Wake?
    No, I thought not]
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    (Original post by BellaCat)
    But not as deep as yours though
    Was the tautology intentional; a rhyming contrivance, or something more? It bespeaks naïveté, whether by accident or design I cannot discern. It rings apologetic; penitent, over-emphasising.

    Aside from this the poem is competent, but that one line compelled me for the reasons outlined above.
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    i like it,it seemes very meaningful at this time for me cos my Grandad just passed away
    well done
Updated: August 26, 2005
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