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Clegg on BBC1

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    (Original post by Cesare Borgia)
    It's people that are ****, not conservatism.
    Alright, if you say so :p:


    I hate Paxman (in a way that i love him). he's always so RUDE on university challenge.

    Him and Anne Robinson should get together, they're both arrogant, self-centered, mean quiz show hosts.

    (Original post by jumpingjesusholycow)
    No, you're politically incompetent because you fabricate complete fairy tales to fortify the tripe you call 'political views' concerning why the conservatives are 'teh goodies and not teh baddies'

    The truth is, people like you are liars and substanceless. Am I rude, or am I explaining exactly what happened in this thread?

    Admit it, you should have listened to me when I told you to quit whilst you're ahead :P
    Yes making a mistake over one word makes someone politically incompetent. If a mistake over one word makes someone incompetent well...

    See, unlike you, I am not going to be rude, I am not going to insult you for your poor English, neither am I going to bring up your mothers mistake, however, you are very rude.

    (Original post by mike_J)
    ...Where the hell did that question about dog hunting come from? Completely random..
    When Clegg was a MEP I believe he was quite passionate in opposing the ban on libertarian grounds.

    Well you can't win them all I suppose...

    (Original post by duke5)
    Screw fair play.

    The Limp Dems would do wet t-shirt competition if it got them BBC coverage.

    The only reason they seem 'willing' to do anything is because for 364 days of the year the rest of us have the freedom to completely ignore their existance.
    Can you blame them, they get no coverage whatsoever from the media despite getting in excess of 6 million votes on average.

    I watched it on iplayer and I think he came across quite well. He has a tendency to get worked up by interviewers a little bit but you might see that as passion.

    (Original post by Copacetic)
    I watched it on iplayer and I think he came across quite well. He has a tendency to get worked up by interviewers a little bit but you might see that as passion.
    Agreed, saying that, I got annoyed with paxman's constant interruptions :p:

    I thought Nick Clegg presented himself well actually (on the 'highlights' I saw on Newsnight). Many people quail under the Paxman but he handled him well. I was impressed.

    Calm down or get out, I 'aint puttin' up with y'all crap here

    (Original post by Teaddict)
    That is what they have said recently, further back they said they would support whatever party has a mandate. This to me suggests that the Lib Dems would support the Tories on cuts (as that is their main thing) in return for maybe tax reform, or constitution reform etc

    Now they are suggesting that they must meet all of the Lib Dem demands otherwise they won't support them. So much for not being the king maker :rolleyes:
    I fail to see your point, Clegg said he would support the party, you've interpreted this to mean he would agree to what you regard as their most important policy, I don't interpret it that way, I interpret that he meant he would work with them. Nick's elaborated in this interview what he means by support, so how can you call him a liar when he's made his position clear in the interview?
    As for changing party positions, this thing happens all the time, see the sudden introduction ahead of the Chancellor debate of the NI policy by the Tories. I don't think you have much understanding of the way coalition government works.


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Updated: April 13, 2010
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