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Stephen Fry and Oscar Wilde

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    I had read many works of Wilde before I actually seen his image in a photograph.

    However, for some strange reason that I can't possibly think of, I always imagined him to be identical to Stephen Fry.

    Anybody else get this image of Oscar Wilde? I suppose my general question is this:

    If you, at one time, never knew what Oscar Wilde looked like, what did you imagine him to look like. And if you currently don't know what he looks like, tell me what you imagine he looks like now (after which, you may google).
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    Stephen Fry has played the part of Oscar Wilde in film maybe that's where you got the idea from. Having said that, there is a similarity between the two of them:

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    I always imagined him looking like Fry... but maybe that's because he played him in a film...
    maybe you saw it when you were a kid and it stuck?
    Plus, they look alike.
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    so basically what the guy above said (sorry- didn't see your post)
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    I imagined him to be leaner, with fair hair
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    i imagined him thin, feminine, curved nose and light hair nothing like Stephen at all.
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    (Original post by Saint)
    i imagined him thin, feminine, curved nose and light hair nothing like Stephen at all.
    Oh snap
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    Your right there is quite the resemblence. I have seen that film about Oscar Wilde, is it good?
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    I have a friend who looks like Oscar Wilde. That's quite cool.
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    Stephen Fry has been a massive, unashamed fan of Wilde for many a year leading to his portrayal of Wilde in the film.
    He wrote the preface to "Nothing except my genuis", a collection of Wilde quotes, and shows evidence of a lifetime's connection with the man and presumabley has modelled his own character somehwat on that of Oscar Wilde.
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    I've always thought there was quite a resemblance between them. They have very similar faces. Even their noses are pretty similar. I thought this even before the film came out (which I've only ever seen a small bit of anyway.)
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    I had never heard of that film. TBH, I imagined him looking more like Stephen Fry when he played Jeeves.

    It was purely a result of the way I read Oscar Wilde, and how I imagined him to be through his literature, rather than from any appearance of Fry in a film. I've definitely never heard of or seen that film before.

    But, the fact that they cast Fry only stands to suggest that people other than myself thought of Fry when they read Wilde!


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