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Anyone planning to stay in Ranmoor?

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    Hey guys,

    I've applied for Ranmoor as my 1st choice on the accommodation leaflet, anyone doing the same as I'm just looking to see who I will meet on my first day!

    I'm absolutely petrified but yet at the same time utterly excited about coming!
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    Shouldn't worry about it too much. Ranmoor is an awesome hall, with a quality bar. It's just luck of the draw for who you get on your corridor, but the place is big enough for that not to even really matter.
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    ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME I've applied for Ranmoor.

    Hahaha sorry got a bit over-excited there. Sent off my AS12 form on Friday so hoping to find out sometime this week or next what accommodation I'm in...
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    Anyone staying at ranmoor have a look at this thread.

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    Hey ppl! Ive also applied 2 stay at Ranmoor when I sent my form off ages ago!
    Any1 out there play pro evo? I cant wait for a few games against fellow students from Ranmoor!
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    wow the events look mental! although surely they all coincide with freshers events?
    or are these after the freshers ones?

    i think i might be in ranmoor - its my second choice, but I phoned accomadation and they sed that my application to victoria hall was unsusccessful! Im thinking ranmoor will be much more mental now ive seen the events list!
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    The freshers events are mainly through the day (eg. Sports Fair) and we have tried to allow time for people to do both. All of the events listed are evening events. It is intended for any daytime events not to clash with anything compulsory.

    In intro week the union basically run a normal week of nights except for the monday (Sure FM Party) and friday(last year it was called Freshers mania). Tickets for all these events will probably be bought by second and third years returning before the freshers arrive going on their normal nights out.

    You wont miss anything much cos you get a chance to go to all the union events later in the term. Plus all the freshers week events give you a chance to meet everyone in halls. Once courses start you will meet loads of other people as well. There are over 800 people in Ranmoor so there are plenty of people to meet there alone in the first week.
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    yep i've got my place in ranmoor! the i signed the contract thingy yesterday..it seems real now! cant wait to get there, and the freshers week at ranmoor looks great :-)
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    I'm in Ranmoor too. Checked the contract site and my contract is there and waiting. However, I recieved no e-mail OR letter (no e-mail because my address was wrong!).

    But the contract says i'm in ranmoor
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    Woo-hoo! Ranmoor!
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    Is Ranmoor mixed by the way? I know its mixed to a certain extent but is it girls hall and then a blokes hall or is anyone anywhere!? x
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    The corridors are single sex cos you share shower facilities but the blocks have an equal mix of girls corridors and blokes corridors.

    My corridor had girls above us and just round the corner and blokes below and on the next corridor along.
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    Cool, I was just wasn't sure! It's gonna be so much fun! x
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    Definitely. We'll have to private message each other with our room numbers once we know where we are!
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    Cool beans! x
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    hey, Ive also been confirmed at Ranmoor with a contract! Not tht long now guys!
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    i know! It's getting really excitingx
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    Hiya guys im gonna be in ranmoor too!! cant wait
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