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Famous people who went to your school!

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    guy got a nobel prize for gene work, went to my school
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    Bobby Zamora (footballer, plays for fulham)
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    Carol Ann Duffy?
    aye thats the one! googled thr and apparently it isn't the school though lol
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    (Original post by donej1)
    Radiohead, Foals, David Mitchell

    Someone's rich...

    A guy at my school's mum is the presenter of Most Haunted. And a kid in Y7's actual name is Harry James Potter. How embarassing lol

    Add: kid from my primary school plays Tony's little brother on Hollyoaks and I know a few who have been extra's on Waterloo Road.
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    Primary School - Patricia Routledge (Keeping Up Appearances)
    Secondary School - Ted Robbins (Phoenix Nights)
    Sixth Form - Harold Wilson, former Labour Prime Minister.

    They're the only three I can think of.
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    'Maddy' from grange hill
    Kemal Shahin from Big Brother LOL
    Oliver Postgate, English animator and creator of Bagpuss
    No one that amazing.
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    Nick Grimshaw
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    The new Doctor Who, Matt Smith went to my school :P
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    Also, Jon Snow went to my university :P
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    Emile Heskey's son currently goes to my school
    Austin Healey's children currently go to my primary school
    Austin Healey's wife (who was single at the time) taught me whilst I was at primary school
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    Some rugby player for england, Tom Croft, other than that.. no one?
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    Russel Howard :P
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    James Cracknell (GB rower) and Michael Frayn (Playwright)....
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    (Original post by lovely_me)
    Someone's rich....
    Someone's got a chip on their shoulder....
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    talulah riley (the girl in the boat that rocked, pride and prejudice and st. trinians), kristin scott-thomas, bridget riley, tamara beckwith
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    Nobody famous has actually been to any of the schools I've been to, but.. The Darkness and Lil' Chris went to one of the schools in my town. Let me tell you, Lil' Chris is a wan**r! before I moved here, I used to live in Croydon and went to school with Ian Wrights youngest son, he was a couple of years below me. It was cool having Ian Wright come to your end of year shows and stuff though. =) And I lived near the Brit School, which LOADS of famous people went to =)
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    (Original post by h0ple55)
    Russel Howard :P
    the thread said went not still at school

    love mock the week
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    My tutor got to go to richard bransons house in LA or sumwhere.

    But Chesney from corrie went to my primary school, so did his brother who was also in corrie and I think where the heart is. He was in my class

    Jane horrocks form absolutely fabulous and littlevoice, she also does the voice over on tesco adverts, she went to my high school. SHe used to go on holiday with my mum when she was little.

    Apparently a few people from corrie used to live in the town I live in, though it's a hole!

    My claim to fame. how disapointing.
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    The MP for Bolsover attended my school before it became a comprehensive.
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    Holly Willoughby went to mine oh and some bint that was dating Andy Murray god I remember the drama when they started going out there was actually an assembly telling us not to talk to any of the press :yep:


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